<Double Nature> (3/8 M) recruiting: Healers & Ranged!

Twisting Nether
Double Nature on Twisting Nether is currently recruiting raiders!

We've cleared Normal, Heroic and have killed Zek'voz on Mythic, currently working on Vectis and Fetid Devourer.

If you are a ranged DPS (priority on Balance druids, Mages or Hunters), or healer (priority on Resto Druids), who feels you'd fit in a guild where we don't take ourselves overly serious - yet always prioritize progress - and are currently looking for a home, come on over to Twisting Nether and give one of the following Officers a whisper:


Alternatively, you are welcome to sign up at: http://doublenatureguild.com/applications/

Thank you for your time.

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