Can't login to any realms

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Is it just me or do anyone else have a problem logging into realms at the moment?
M2 /login sucess /select realm/logging in to game server ....... ! and back to realm select

Didn't have any problems connecting when I just tested, What I would try doing first is to power-cycle your router by unplugging the power cable for your modem / router and leave it unplugged for a few minutes then reconnect and try again.

I have rebooted everything, Although I just downloaded the PTR install thingy, it seemed to start after that, any correlation ?
I manage to login, and I get the "success", but im not allowed to login to any realms, ive tried like 5 different ones, it just stalls and after a while I get returned to realm select screen.

Try checking your firewall rules, as installing the PTR may have miss-configured the set rules should you have any.
I seem to be having the same problem, i am just stuck on "Logging in to game server".

It logs me in, i get to chose between servers, but can't acces any.

Ohh and i haven't touched the PTR.

Edit: A third relog did it for me.
I got this very same problem on the live servers, can log into my account but it stays stuck on succes, after 5-10 seconds I get to the realm list, and when i choose my realm, it just stays on login in to game server! I've had this a few times in the past week.

EDIT: Still can't log in.. been trying for like 1 hour now! Did all the advice I found to may be able to login.. This is getting boring now :<!
Hey! i have the same problem, got stucked on realm choosing! i though it was something to my computer since my friend could logg into my account on his own computer, so i uinstald wow and installed it back again. Just saying that wasnt working. No point doing that! and why did this just suddently happend? i was in DM in one moment and had a toilet break! when i went back i had DC and had this problem
i've found that following the instructions in this link always seem to sort me out
Having same probs this morning, getting kicked off the server right away after login- and tried #10 link, without succes though- blizz you have server probs?
I get stuck on choosing realm page. Checked that my realm (Deathwing) isn't down. Haven't made any changes to my system.
Does anybody have the same problem?
I had

"Run"-"cmd"- "ipconfig /flushdns"
Thanks Rnnak.

I've tried that and it doesn't work for me.
I can log in but it's like i have no characters...then when it says select which type of realm you would like (PVP, PVE etc) it is just blank, no realm is being shown at all.
There's weekly maintenance until approximately 11 AM.
Hi all,
I had the very sam problem after 4.1, I read all threads regarding this issue (eu and us threads) and tryed everything: opened firewall ports, forwarded router ports, changed MTU at 1400 and 1500, turned off firewall and MSEssentials, scanned for viruses and malwares, update everything I could, powercycled system, change IP-s, called my provider, did /flushdns, -renew and all that commands. I also turned router off for 2, 5, 10, 15 min and whole night once ofc that didint help. I reset router at default setup - nothing.
Only thing that helped me after some days now is wow repair.exe tool. Before I used repair.exe I deleted wtf and cache folder (stuck at relam page again after delete it) so maybe that has to with it.
Second thing I would try to do is download patch 4.1 from wowikki, but that wasn't necesary.
What bothers me in this situation is that obviously is 4.1 patch made a problem, but blizzard don't want to admit it and simple "sorry guys we'll doing our best to solve your problem" would be enough.
Sorry about my bad english, hope this helped.

Try checking your firewall rules, as installing the PTR may have miss-configured the set rules should you have any.

Whats happen with "keep it simple" or " Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler"?
After each expansion or patch, this game turn very complicated to install and configure, but is very simpler to play.
I dont wanna pay more for bad service and complicated to start enjoy. My sons and me play it in weekend, but i will quit it and start something better.

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