[H]Lightning's Blade, B r e t h r e n, 8/8 HC, 25 Man

Looking for Players – PvE
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We are looking to add players to our raid roster for 25 man HC raids.

- Server: EU PvP Lightning's Blade

- Guild: BRETHREN, LVL 25, Server first.

- Website : http://www.wow-brethren.com/


Shaman - Resto
Priest - Holy/Disc
Druid - Feral/Balance
Death Knight - Tank/Dps

We will consider any serious application even if your class is not listed!


- You must be level 85 and ready for raids in current tier.

- You must be social, mature and able to speak English.

- You must have good raiding and gaming attitude.

- You must be able to be on standby without causing drama and whine.

- You must be able to take criticism and improve from it. You will make mistakes, everyone does.
It's important that you will learn from them, not make them again and respect the criticism you take.

- You must be able to raid 4 days a week.

- You must come prepared for every single raid with consumables needed.

- You must be over 19 years old.

- You must have decent raiding experience.

- Your real life economy has to be sorted.


To make it simple, we have had all PVE bosses down as server first Pre-TBC and during TBC. We have cleared all before major nerfs: MC, BWL, AQ40, NAXX, SSC, TK, BT, SWP, NAXX, ULDUAR, TOGC, RS HC, ICC HC (12/12).
Cata: 13/13 HC, 7/7 Fl HC, 8/8 DS HC.


Brethren is a PvE raiding guild on Lightning’s Blade server formed 15.10.2005. We have been up and running more than *6* years and have been the most stable guild on our server. We are a successful semi-hardcore guild with good friendly atmosphere. All of our members are social mature people who like to give their best in PvE and have fun outside raids as well.

Raid days: Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday.

Raid times: 19:30 - 23:00.


- Friendly and social environment with a lot of nice people who help each other. Very stable, active and successful guild who focus on progressing in PvE area providing members with new bosses killed on frequent basis.


- You can contact us and place an application on our site > http://www.wow-brethren.com

- If you have questions, speak with officers in game: Tyyo, Neske, Ragedsoul, Rebelos.
Still looking for quality players.
6/13 HC, more to come!
Still need some ppl for hc progress.
Class needs updated.
Few more needed for hc progress.
Omnotron Defense System HC shut down.
Valiona is next.
2 dragons dead.
Class needs updated.
Class needs updated.
LVL 25, Server first.
Class needs updated
Class needs updated.
Still looking for few good players.

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