i cant add real id friends

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Hello i have a problem, i can only add a name of a friend , my wow account doesnt provide me to add real ID e-mail. i dont know why, but i open many times ticket to speak with GM to help me, he said he will be fix it but i am waiting 1 month and nothing change. So i will try now to say my problem in a forum cause GMs didnt help me.

Hello Daggeri,

It is very likely that this feature is disabled by your Parental Controls. I would advise that you check if you have the Parental Controls active on your account. If that is the case please speak with your parents/legal guardians and ask them to enable the Real ID feature for you.

If you are an adult and you did not setup the parental controls you can contact the Account and Billing support for assistance with removing this feature. You can contact them by phone:

or email:
ty that was the problem
Please do not necro old threads, especially if you got nothing further to add onto the issue.

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