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Argent Dawn
Greetings people of the Argent Dawn realm!

My name is Jezzybell, anyone from the darkmoon faire server might recognize me but for the rest of you that don't let me introduce myself.

A few years ago i started a small RP community for my friends and me as finding a place we could RP and relax was hard and RP wasn't too good on our server. Now it has slightly snow balled and become the unofficial home of RP on our server. (DMF) Some people I know and used to like chatting with (hello phoenix guard) moved here and passed on great reports of the RP and general friendliness of the RP here.

Our RP community based at www.wowgamer.co.uk (some forums are hidden until you join) would love you beautiful people to join with us in our RP diaries, Stories, Seeking help, and joining in fin and chat with other like minded people!

The honour would truly be ours and I do hope you all decide to take us up on this offer and I look forward to seeing you there!


If you serve gnomes, I will be there faster then lightining..

I am hungry.. These nasty Orcish Overseers doesnt allow us to bring our food into undercity!
*Angry fist*

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