[A] Looking for more for Rated BG's

Chamber of Aspects
Playing alliance on chamber for a while now i've not really encountered many RBG groups or guilds that make frequent use of the new cata RBG system, so im hoping to see if i can get a decent group of people to start doing some RBG's to build up our rating and to basically have a laugh.

As there are quite a lack of many enthusiastic PvPers alliance side at-least, im only going to start off with setting up an RBG event once per week, if i get good feedback and alot of people interested then more days per week can easily be added

If any alliance pvpers are interested and fancy giving it a shot here are the details;

Wednesday 20:00 Game time - 23:00 Game time

this will be the first RBG day and will continue every week, if anyone is interested feel free to contact me in-game on Vyrix, or leave a comment here and i can contact you in game. ideally leave me a in-game mail with the following;

Character Name:
Class & Spec:
Previous Arena experience:
Previous Battleground experience:
and What you think you can provide in the team:

only mail me if you can make the above day, and Skype & Vent are a must!

Thanks, Vyrix
noticed youre feral, teach?
Vyrix is beast

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