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Is developer-team happy with the current state of world-PvP in World of Warcraft or do you have plans to introduce some objectives like quests to refresh it?
Are you ever going to fix the travel lag on Mindfreeze that's making it harder for dks to interupt fakecasts than it is for other classes?
Druid - Balance - PVP
Are you planning to make balance druid viable in pvp (Arena//RBG), so choosing it instead any other caster isn't crippling your team?
Is there going to be 40 man level 85 content in the future?
in WotLK mage's had the option of speccing Frost-Fire, currently in Cata there isn't anyway of speccing frost-fire but you appear to the have the foundations i.e. Frost-Fire glyph and frost fire orb as well as dragon's breath and Cone of Cold no longer sharing the same cooldown.

will frost-fire be making a return to fight the elements of the cataclysm?
Do you have any plans for changing/ updating the disc priest mana resource system in the future (esp. in pvp)?
Hi Devs,

Do you plan on adding more mini games similar to the plant vs zombies themed quest that rewarded the singing sunflower in eastern plaugelands? Perhaps even a repeatable mini game quest that drops a bag with very small chance of winning new mount/pet?

Look forward to your thoughts and answers on this

Emma xxx
Are there any plans to bring back Agility giving extra armor. In burning Crusade the Druid tank had to hit the armor cap just to compete with the various mitigation the other tanks have, ie block,parry.
is a unholly dk ganne keep on getting nerved or are there anny more nerves coming to unholly couse of pve.hitting alot in pve dousnt mean you hit alot in arena. dk wasnt intended to be a support class imo.
Do you have any plans to make capital city attacking by enemy faction more important and interesting?
Maybe adding loot or new mount
What are your thoughts on adding Housing and new professions "Carpenter" (creating housing items, walls, roofs, decor items, etcetc), and "Lumberjack" (getting the wood for the houses made from it)?
Are you satisfied with caster specs with the lowest PvP representations, in particular Balance and Elemental specs?

In other words, do you think these specs have the appropriate tools to make them viable and competitive in current Cataclysm PvP environment against other specs or classes?
Do you feel that balancing PvP, is hurting PvE? can there be a balance were a good thing for PvP will be a good thing for PvE?
Currently Fire mages in PVE have very spiky damage outputs because of the reliance of crit and correct me if i am wrong but some fire mages are putting crit before intellect. are there any plans to smooth out fire's damage or plans of reducing their crit dependance?.
Are you going to add something brand new battleground like Navy Battle with abordage & etc.
is there any plans to give arcane mages a new lvl 10 passive called " battle mage " allow you to equip a staff in MH and sword/dagger in off hand ? it would be very fun talent and would make arcane more competitve :)

Where do you see the warcraft franchise going after the killing of deathwing?
Why did you initially put legs on Ragnaros for the Firelands?
Shall we see War of the Ancints in patch 4.2 or Firelands will be only raid added in 4.2?
Is there any chance that you will improve Outland, Blood elf and Draenei starting zones quests in WoW Cata?

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