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Any chance on implementing raid/arena in-game live spectate modes (similiar to mind vision but extended to group member you want to watch) ?
About RNG:

Luck and randomness should play a role in any game, and certainly in this game too. However, do you feel that three or even four layers of RNG is worth keeping in the game? I specifically think of Archeaology (1st RNG: which digsites, 2nd RNG: how many fragments you get, 3rd RNG: which solves you get after completing an artifact, and even for some 4th RNG: Vial of the Sands in the Canopic Jar), and to a lesser extent the achievement A Mask for All Occasions, which also these features multiple layers of RNG. Did you intend for this kind of RNG to exist within the game?
I recently started playing my warrior again and I'm enjoying the class very much, not because of spell reflect but because of all the fun tools we have: spell reflect, disarm, heroic leap (needs to be fixed a bit tough), ...
But I want to ask the devs why they nerf the fun stuff of warriors, the things that actually require skill and precise timing like spell reflect. I must agree with 10 seconds being very short but 25 seconds is too long. Wouldn't be 15 to 20 seconds cooldown be much better. (Oh and nerf fury warriors burst please)
If I remember correctly in the past you have said you have no raid testing "department", you have only used a few developers with buffed up stats to test the raid encounters, or had QA verify easily checkable issues. Did this change, or do you plan to change it? If this changed and you have something else could you please elaborate on how your internal raid testing works!
I'd like to hear something about druids. It's been said that druids, as a hybrid class, aren't meant to be less powerful or "worse ______ (add a mage, warrior, rogue, any pure class here). Still we hear loads of talking about "it's a hybrid class, it isn't supposed to be better than _______ (add a pure dps class here).

Did the dev team meant that druid should really be a combination of other classes - they have this and that and that but they aren't really unique. And I don't mean shapeshifting. I mean talents, spells etc. Feral druids seem to be now "worse rogues" and balance druids aren't chosen over mages or warlocks. It's not like we are druids anymore, we are just combinations of other classes - not able to perform anything "druidish". I understand it's really hard to make all those 4 specs to be viable both in pvp and pve. At the moment we see only resto druids being viable in both. Is this meant to be like this?

I've played feral cat, boomkin and resto. I would have liked to do some arena with this character, but I didn't want to heal. So I played a warrior and an elemental shaman. But when I rolled a druid as my very first character, I had no idea I couldn't be a melee in pvp or even a caster. I didn't know that if I want to play a druid in arenas, I can do only one thing.

I don't want to blame anyone. I'd just like to know what the dev team thinks about the situation. I don't even want tho change anything since this ain't my game, but I'd appreciate information.
Hi there.

Will the raids get a 3rd difficulty like this, Easy ---- Normal ---- Heroic and have Tiers like you had when T9 and T10 was out, like lowest Tier lvl for Easy and Highest for Heroic?
Are you planning on adding more flavor items? Or perhaps make exisiting ones more easily obtainable/add the ability to get similar looking ones. Things such the forever-lovely rose, or race specific gear/weapons, like tauren totems or night elf glaives and the umbra crescents the wardens use, or hell, just the armor the sentinels use. Doesn't affect gameplay much, but it'd be nice for roleplayers.
Are there any plans to reduce the RNG factor which makes certain classes have utterly erratic dps?
Also are there any plans to fix ignite munching by making the ignite talent apply a debuff which is treated as a large array? This would side step all current limitations.
Any plans on adding new arena maps?
I know one of the Blizzard's moto is "Embrace your inner geek."
I understand that means many blizzard employees have many interests concerning different media and such. How much can this be seen in development process?
Also, there are many references to many popular / known and even quite niche works. Do you go like "I like this so I made reference to this.", and then brag to other devs or is it more like "Lets quietly add a reference so noone notices." ?
Is there any plans to improve the totem AI, (fire mainly) because, aswell as having to waste a GCD putting down out totems, if our searing is placed down out of combat and the the tanks pulls a boss or mob, the totem will just sit there, so yet another GCD has to be sacrificed in order for it to attack, and lets not even talk about the fire elemental ai, please bring the totem mechanics up to the rest of the shiny cataclysm standard and make the a help instead of a hinderance to the shamans out there
There needs to be a stronger 'Single Player mode,' because like many, MANY players out there, raiding is just far too time consuming. Questing is very brief in terms of story elaboration, and in my opinion it doesn't suck you into it very well until 80-85 and when you start raiding.

Are there any plans to create a more appealing single player mode like the game Guild Wars does? Quests don't feel like a chain of epic and exciting stages to progress to level 85. You just go to an area, accept all the quests, kill, maim, burn - then hand them in. Cut scenes from level 1 through till 85 that draw you into the quests and it's story and make you feel like killing the orcs in NSA have an epic WoW feel! That would be a great idea. With main Missions to accomplish through out the land which physically take you from one area to the next in order to 'complete single player.'

I want to feel like I'm progressing through the story without having to rely on a guild and at the same time still get great gear by playing single player often! Lets face it, once your level 85 you do dungeons and HC's to gear up for raids. If you haven't got the time but want to progress through the story, or your not good enough, your simply kicked to the kirb and cannot progress at all! There needs to be a middle ground that feels like it has purpose and players can be very self reliant while progressing!

Sorry for this being so long...couldn't really squeeze this down!
Any plans to give every class/spec the baseline PVP package, so no one is left behind by a huge gap? (aka interrupt and a major selfheal for hunters, glyphs for CC to remove dots, making sure core mechanics are bugfree ... you get the idea..)
Are you aware of and/or do you consider it to be a problem that 10man raids are extremely sensitive to what group composition your raid is running with? It applies both to buff synergy and especially to encounter design versus class specific strengths and weaknesses.
At the same time "rerolling" is promoted by Heirloom-items, Guild-perks, the new 1-60 content etc, but playing one character intensively is promoted also by harder end-game gearing and performing, long-term achievements and achievement points. Do you find this controversial?
Will Genn Greymane recieve a new model that looks like his art?:
Currently, you plan to add a new spell for warriors, "Rallying Cry" in 4.1. Utility wise, this is great for Arms/Fury, but for a Protection Warrior, this conflicts with Last Stand, and can lead to a situation where either spell is ignored in favour for the other in every situation, either leaving the group without the extra utility or the warrior skipping a survival cooldown in their talents. My question is, are the developers happy with the choice given to the warrior, or do they plan to change the Last Stand-talent, give a glyph to improve it, or possibly something else?
What does the dev's have in mind for Demonology warlocks? for years people either don't know what to make of it and/or have a bad attitude towards it for example "who care's it's demo", compared to affliction and destruction demo is like the invisible middle child of the warlock family, it there plans to bring them out of the shadows and make that spec respectible towards the others?

Talents suggest we make incinerate our main nuke but everyone is conviced we use shadow bolt and use incinerate when moltan core proc's are there plans that's going to make this clearer? maybe talents to either chose to use either shadowbolt or incinerate?

Decimation is a talent which is useless without emberstorm and with it soulfire only give us marginal extra damage when decimation procs

Bane talent is getting to be outdated talent since all 3 spec are forced to get it and the spells effecting it are treated damage wise wether or not that talent is taken or not, i understand why there is a bane type talent for class's like druids shaman's and priests which have spells other specs benift other specs and make specs stronger then they should be but for warlocks it's completly the opposite
How is Sin and Punishment talent supposed to work?
Is it intended for it to Diminishing Return with itself and Physic Horror?
Will Warriors and Paladins get a set with a firelands theme that will look really really really Awesomeooo in 4.2 as Tier 12?

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