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Can you do so you can add peoples RealID from other regions like the US? I Have a friend overthere i would love to play with him but can't.
Are there any plans to introduce the Goblin Hot Rod as a buyable/droppable multi person mount? it seems such a shame that it was there for the first 5 levels of the Goblin starter zone and then had no further use other than to decorate the quartermasters area in Ogr.
When are you guys gonna learn to make abilities work correctly before you put them into the live game?
(Instead of showing you have no idea what actually happens in PTR)

Edit: Ok one question then
Retribution / protection

Will there be added new spells that use holy power - something like slow or root - now that WoG is getting cool-down?
What is your take on botting (in battlegrounds) and do you have any immediate plans to lower the number of bots in the game?
Will be some necessary BIG feral updates in the near future? - as you balancing several classes we don't seeing our class in that list. What will be this? We hope for example:
- do something with the Claw ability - its useless. I suggest to do some kind of warrior Cleave.
- AoE damage increase (Cat Swipe - similar as warrior Whirlwind in PTR) - we are useless in AoE phases nowadays.
- combo point transfer, and 4 sec cool down Prowl - like rouges have in PTR
- Ferocious Bite damage increase to make it effective over 25% enemy HP (because we use Shred and bleeds, and we have a lot of unused combo points)
07/03/2011 7:24 PMPosted by Cav
Considering that MLG dropped WoW, what are your plans for it as an e-Sport in this expansion?

Another question according to this one. Many funny abilities have been sacrificed in terms of "balance" to make WoW a competitive e-sport, but it hasn't been successful. Are you going to continue "balancing roulette" further? Constant changes to core-mechanics are making some players frustrated or unsatisfied.
Will there be more ways to level both guild reputation and guild experience when the player is below level 70? As a person who's rolled new toons and gotten them to 70, I can say that the whole guild leveling stuff can only really be done at level 70+. There's no effective way for a guild of new players to raise their guild's level, to compete with other guilds, and no way for them to earn the reputation required to buy some of the guild items.
Uhm.. hello!
i just wanted to say that I LOVE U BLIZZARD!
Any chance for a tabard with a heart&blizz symbol?
Will you make hamstring more usefull like give it a 60% movement speed reduce,becuse atm everyone can kite around a warrior.
Will Feral druids get a sort of easier way to do Aoe damage involving certain amount of adds/trash?

i.e If you apply Rake/or rip to a target and use say Swipe, it will apply it to all targets in a certain yard range?

As i know Ferals damage is a problem when switching from single to AoE (or vise versa) can become an issue, specially with all the energy starvation.

its the only real issue i see with feral dps in PVE situations.

p.s A little damage boost in single target damage wouldnt hurt either. :)
Are you going to implent damage meters and gear meters, in the blizzard UI?
When are you going to look into the issues with people being able to spam dispel mages into the ground, (their CC weak shields etc) with no deterrant or cover against them dispelling at all. I feel dispel is way to strong against mages and it means melee especially rogues and dk's get way to much up time on a mage during arena. It would be fine if there was some cover for at least a few seconds of CC to gain some room and maybe get 1-2 casts out.
It's been asked before, but I might as well ask this one again for the sake of it.
Will the Goblin hot rod and the Worgen stage coach be made available as buyable mounts? It would be great to have two versions of each as gold sinks, one that comes without NPCs, and another that comes with traders.
When will you make player location controlled by server, not by client?

(those underground bots are really annoying, also will make it impossible to use speedhacks and what not.)
Listening to 25 people hacking and slashing away gets really annoying, but i really want to hear the ingame voice acting!

Do you plan to maybe give us more options with the sound? Would love to be able to hear all the epic voices that are in this game :)
why do you make frost mages so op?its impossible to have any uptime on them.
Due to a large amount of the top Rated Battleground teams being horde but not being able to face each other it seems vastly favourable to play Horde over Alliance.
Are there any plans to allow factions to play against each other to allow for a more, fairer competitive field.
Will Warlocks get some love?
We really need some!!

- Need alot more single Target Dmg..
- Think about to give us back our Fel Armor? It was much cooler
- Give some dispellprotection to UA and PLEASE give dispellptotection to Immulate.. destrulocks really need it


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