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Is Gilneas' phasing going to be updated so that Horde and Alliance in the zone can actually see each other? I play on an RP realm, and am absolutely gutted that the phasing in-game has denied the players any cross-faction interaction there.
Is there a plan to make transfaring characters from US Servers to EU Servers possible in the future!?
What's up with the Word of Glory change?

Retribution paladins got the love they needed with sacred shield and added some more survivability to our specc the main thing that keeps me alive when getting focused is pretty much Word of glory. There's a choice we have to make to put out pressure or to do damage.

Other classes like warriors, rogues and warlocks have higher healing per second then us and theirs is a passive buff meanwhile we choose between damage or healing. If we choose to heal we put out less pressure but the other classes still does the same amount of damage and still healing them self.

We don't have a snare either like every other melee class got so offhealing with Word of Glory is our only likewise "peel" to compensate for our lack of tools to keep a enemy off my partner. I can agree that our offheals might be to strong at some points with Wing's up but that's another choice we do instead of smaking a target with 3HP Templar's Verdict we choose to heal. The main problem i see is that Eternal Glory doesnt have a internal cooldown so back to back procc's and Selfless Healer is a to powerful tool.

Retribution will have had 3 major changes in one season if the Word Of Glory change goes live and will change our game play drastically. Sorry about the long post but i wanted to get all the fact's out there.

My question is the following: If the Word Of Glory change goes live, how will you compensate us with removing our only "peel" and removing a big chunk of our survivability?
How can the Arena representation of Hunters in higher ratings be improved?
What is Blizzards thoughts on Balance druids in PvP ?


When are we going to get the dances we paid for in WotlK (It was on the box)
What are you plans for Arcane PvP? It seems it's been tailored towards PvE with the stationary single hard hitting spell that is Arcane Blast. With every other class having an interrupt that's on a short cooldown and the abysmally low levels of haste it puts any kind of competitive damage out against decent opponent hard.

Not to mention it's awful mobility now with the removal of Arcane Blast stack effecting Barrage/Missiles, as well as Arcane Missiles hitting for barely anything which has led most PvP Arcane Mages to completely drop Improved Arcane Missile/ Missile Barrage.

Will we see a shift in Arcane Blasts damage to Missiles/Barrage to promote a more mobile and competitive specc?
Are you ever going to address the fact that Feral druid's prowl is way better than rogue's stealth?
I have tested this many times, 4.0.1 4.0.3 cata patch and 4.0.6. It still does stay the same but noone seems to care about it enough.
Are u still planning to update the racial abilities of older races like you said you would on a different panel?
I would like to know when the Cyclone loot bug will be resolved. As a software developer I know about release management priorities and I can see how this is not something to throw in with a hotfix as it's not end-game breaking; I can imagine this ability is not very useful for DPS in dungeons. But it's detrimental to my experience as a (new) player who predominantly levels through quests as I found it to be a nice CC spell. Especially on quests where I have to gather X items from mobs. The Cyclone loot bug is really annoying as the corpses become unlootable if Cyclone kills them and it feels counter-intuitive to skip it from my rotations.
Are you gonna fix stun/cc jumping anytime soon?
will you be implementing weekly raid quests as in Wrath once we have more bosses coming in in the next tier of patches ?

always liked that realm pugging action
Guild hous- jk, Warrior shield wall, any chance of making this usable even though we've been disarmed?
When we will see stronger ice lance in low lvl battlegrounds? Its too weak, it only takes 30-60% of your hps
LOLOL so many question is so shortly period of time

Hope they now noticed the !!%*ed up the game....
is there any plans for scaling guild rep for smaller guilds?
its very difficult to lvl a "friends only" guild with 5-10 real id members.
What are your plans with holy paladins? We are currently by far the weakest healer in the game (PvP wise). Are we going to get buffed or should I just reroll a druid? There's no reason to take a holy paladin to arena anymore. There are no changes for holy paladins in the 4.1 patch notes yet, so are you just going to ignore us or what? We really need buffs/changes.
Are you gonna address the out-dated mechanics/rogue talent trees?
E.g.1 Positional requirements which wouldn't be a problem was it not for latency differences (backstab,ambush,garrote)
E.g.2 Expose armor in assasination tree, which gets most damage done from poisons... really?
Is there a real fix in the works for Ignite? I mean, yes the change in 4.1 will lower the frequency of Ignite munching but it doesn't resolve the bug itself. We understand, that as long as the current design of Ignite exists the bug will be present. So the real question is: are the devs discussing a possible redesign of Ignite (one that will work all the time as intended)?

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