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Why aren't you offering a service that let's you transfers character from your US account to your EU account, or atleast let someone who owns a US and EU account merge it together so that they can play their US characters. In the beginning of WoW, there was only US WoW available and a lot of players who were loyal to you bought their accounts in the beginning, it would be nice if we could use those characters here too.

I understand the paladin spell Blinding Shield was removed from the Cataclysm beta when the big holy power changes were announced, but it disappeared without a comment as far as I have seen.
Will it make a return in the future?
what do you think about dk's survivability against physical classes
Are you going to change/remove Moonkin form? How is it justified right now? It only adds certain buffs to the normal caster form (and a fat owl which is somewhat grotesque). Feral forms provide unique abilities, and I like the approach with Tree from. Anything similar planned for Moonkin form?
Is it planned to add line of sight to objects like trees in the bgs to balance out rated battlegrounds?
Why rogues or hunters still can't use smal guns or pistoles in dualwield like a ranged physical DPS class? Do you plan any kind of changes in the nearest future?
2 shaman questions:

Are u considering giving shamans the ability to drop totems at range?

Are u gonna give elemental shamans a defensive cooldown?
With each patch it seems you are completely shifting around the gameplay style of feral druids in PvP so, once and for all: Are we focused on DoT's and mobility or up-front damage and survivability?
Why don't you put some de-buff like "Exhausted" to Sprint, that would reduce energy regeneration rate for the duration of Sprint?

Seems logical to me.
You promised to cut down damage ramp up time of shadow priests.
In order to maximize our DOT dmg we need to get Empowered Shadow buff which is triggered by Mind Blast after getting Shadow Orb that is RNG generated from our 'filler spell' (and one of our DoTs) in addition to stacking Evangelism, our ramp up is longer than it ever was with Shadow Weaving.

Any plans to change any of the above mechanics?
Seriously, when are we really going to see some real class balance? I'm sorry to say this, but right now it seems like you prioritise some classes while ignoring the others. I know it must be hard to balance both PVE and PVP but right now the PVP scene is totally broken because of bad class balance.

Oh and a suggestion. Please remove the requirement of being an Argent Champion to be able to buy heirlooms from Dame Evniki Kapsalis in Icecrown. It is silly that you need to be an Argent Champion to purchase since now in cataclysm there is no one who is going to do the Argent Tournament dailys to get the title. And right now you have nothing to spend your Champion's Seals on.
What is the future concept of ret paladin what changes can we expect. cause right now its kinda messy
Would you consider giving Discipline Priests an aura effect similar to a reversed Shadowform? I've seen the prospective buffs to Atonement and Holy Fire in the PTR, and was wondering about this.
Why is raiding content at the moment and even normal dungeons so ridiculously biased against melee at the moment by the way? Ranged DPS'ers have a much easier time then any melee DPS'er, I understand that you want to put pressure on tanks but letting a ranged dps'er have to work 10x less then a melee dps'er shouldn't be the answer.
What are the current plans for roleplaying servers, and Roleplaying in general?
I have done quite some raiding on my Shaman now, and every time I bump into the same problem (I can still keep up but it requires a lot of effort):
My mana regenerates just fine and quite amazing compared to some other classes but in overly spammy battles (such as Elemental Monstrosity in Bastion of Twilight) I go out of mana so very quickly, without any means to replenish it or at least to make my Healing Wave more effective. What are your plans considering Restoration Shaman cooldowns? Do we get anything useful besides "Nature's Swiftness" (Which honestly, is not that good...)?

Would like to see the question answered and I think a lot of other shaman healers too (at least I hope so),

Thanks in advance,
Are their plans to change what mastery gives for certain specs/classes. Most specs seem to devalue mastery as a stat other than healers.
What unique abilities can I look forward to, as a warrior, after the main characteristics (mortal strike effect and mobility) was toned down?
@ Novià
Learn to play your class I think because I do just fine on both raiding and Heroics on my enhance shaman, u need more effort as a melee dps i wont deny it
Any possibility that level 85's will have more to do in the 'old' areas (dalies, instances, rare drops, quests etc)?

I don't like to level alts so it is a shame that so much effort went into the re-design of the old areas but there is no real reason for me to visit most of it apart from to dig.

This kind of follows on from other people requesting fun things to do in between raid days.

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