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Will druids get a root and/or fear breaker as the only melee class currently without either?
Are there any plans to change the Subtlety specs design in terms of PvE to bring it away from burst and cooldowns (Find weakness) and more into sustained damage?

It seems atm that Backstab is far too large a damage contributor and Find Weakness is too important and makes the spec very focused around cooldowns which allow you to put FW up.
I used to really enjoy eyes of the beast for my hunter, it was fun to jump around a little with your pet while waiting for a dungeon or battleground. Are there any plans for bringing it back and why was it removed in the first place?
Can we elemental shamans have our Fire nova totem stun back? From for example a glyph or a talent.
Would you consider adding a "league" system (similar to sc2) which reflects the different titles?

(No title, Challenger, Rival, Duelist, Gladiator)
Will Abysal Maw Feature in Patch 4.1? If not, Will it be in future patches or has it been scrapped all together?
How do you plan to make new guilds viable and worth choosing over a guild that has been in existence since the launch of Cata? As it stands now, newer guilds who simply don't have the levels are quite simply undesirable to choose to be a part of.

Is there any sort of buff/perk/incentive for a player to join a new guild and help them to advance in the pipeline?
Will you do something to the rogue.. because nobody want rogue in their raid anymore.
Is there any intention to let us link LiveID Accounts together so that we can do randoms or bgs with our friends from different realms?

Like if we could link our accounts together whenever my tank friend from another realm wants to do a heroic and by chance im on the queue too we could join in the same group?

Or if we could invite them to our group while we are on different realms and joining the queue afterwards.

(Great idea blizzard ^^ use it)
Are there any plans to redesign the fremale worgen models :(or revert them back to the alpha versions) so we can get rid of the "Crazed Chihuahua" look and bring them a little more into line with the male models??
Can warlocks, or atleast affliction ones, get more Soulburn effects? One could be on Bane of Agony so that it wouldn't get ignored by all specs as Bane of Doom is stronger for them.
Would You like to change frost mages?
I mean to give them some self heal(because every class has), but reduce their CCs.
Thanks in advance.
Will you fix some of the known issues that the Sandstone Drake has?
    - Hole in the front left foot
    - Doesn't make a roar sound with the /mountspecial
    - Some players are half eaten by the stone saddle
    - Give players an achievement for getting the mount
Can warlocks get an ability to change the tick rate (and increase their damage) of Bane of Doom? It could be done simply with a Soulburn or a glyph, or even a talent. It could help alot on some encounters because, atleast for Affliction, it is not easy to stack alot of damage for short time periods. Or to continue damaging a target alot if it had to be ignored otherwise for some time.
Many classes people believe their classes to be broken. Why did you choose for big changes to mechanics rather than small succesive improvements?
07/03/2011 9:14 PMPosted by Adøøæpø
Can we elemental shamans have our Fire nova totem stun back? From for example a glyph or a talent.

And make flame shock un-dispellable? To make lava burst more usable in arena or any kind of pvp :)
As there is no 372 throw weapon for rogues, are there any plans of adding a 372 or 379 ( sinestra ) thrown weapon ?

Same with agi trinckets, there are only 2 trinckets and 1 is realyl bad for most classes ( the valor trincket is beter then the 372 trincket with crit proc ), any plans of adding another good ( mastery ? ) 372 or 379 agi trincket ?
Are there any plans to separate the look between male and female gear?

I want to look more like Xena or that chick in red from the Vanilla loading screen :D
Wheres my moose?
I want my moose:(

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