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What is your vision on Feral Druid PvP, concerning our contribution to arena/ratedbg/worldpvp ?
current state, ferals are the most dependant class/spec when it comes to the need of friendly dispel to perticipate and be useful to their teammates, our uptime on the target is the biggest source of bringing our utility to the table (instant cyclone, interupt (when not rooted), entangling roots etc) we're the spec that is most fragile when it comes to incoming cc, including "hibernate, scare beast" that nobody else is in their "combat form/state"

my question is, what is your opinion on how you made feral, how we're suppose to be a contributer to the team, instead of being "the ones that needs dispels more than everyone else" ?

its becoming a more obvious choice to steer away from bringing a feral to a team over another melee class. any opinions you would like to share ?
I wanted to ask. On my druid I can use Fearie Fire to stack 3 times and give 12% armor reducing. It last 5 min. On my warrior i can stack 3 times sunder armor and it lasts 30 sec.

Why the time difference between two identical features ?

Is the item Kalytha's Haunted Locket going to be unusable in arena in 4.1? Thinking of buying it but wont buy if its going to be unusable in arena.
Are there any plans to change Druid travel form into a stag? As I believe thats what was originally intended and it would better tie into the comics/books and other wow media
Will you be adding any form of appearance tab or way to personalize our characters armor appearance in the future?
Will blizzard ever add more character customization options?
With the removal of rewards from 2v2 arena, is this a statement saying that 2v2 isn't supposed to be balanced? And if so, could you PLEASE give a real warning to players that doing 2v2 will only produce rage and utter hatred versus certain classes? (Read: DK).

Or even better, remove the damned thing.

Additionally, is 5v5 supposed to be balanced, seen as this bracket does indeed give rewards?
Is the class design team at Blizz HQ aware that the current design of paladins of all specs are not really viable vs Caster teams because the bad design moves of still having a paladin having all their defense round a 5 min CD and plate with no working melee tools and worst defense vs caster of all classes in game?
is there any future plans on removing ring of frost? feels kinda insane to be cced for 12seconds (unless i blow trinket) from only instant spells with a deep freeze and ring of frost combo (no idea if this have been asked but tbh not gonna read through 25pages)
Why is it, that after countless of hotfixes since patch 4.0.6, which introduced the vendors with lvl 70 pvp rewards again, have you still not gotten around to add one simple trinket, the lvl 70 one?
When will mages finally be able to have the ability to vanish you for a quite period of time?!
I would like to know if it will ever be possible to fix the spell Blink properly.
Currently the Nether-ray mount positions the camera at such an awkward angle that it's just annoying to fly with, are there plans to fix this in the near future?
After reading all of the many questions from fellow WoW players. It is quite nice to see a massive amount of questions I've been wanting to ask and some players have already so I'd like to thank those who have, but I can only ask one question.

My question is:
I've just recently got into PvP and really enjoy it at the lower levels, more easy to focus without having lots of spells and abilties to use. Though there is a level bracket restriction, for example: Lv10-14, Lv15-19, Lv20-29 and so on. I've wanted to continue PvP at a lower level so I stopped my XP gain but I end up waiting a long time just to have one battleground, this is probably due to twinks.

Will this restriction be removed or will it be altering to, for example: Lv10-15, Lv16-20, Lv21-30 to benefit those who enjoy lower level PvP and what would be the good and bad points of doing this?

Many thanks.
Would you ever think of having more custom play styles and roles? For example a hunter being a tank and a mage being a healer. The random dungeon queues are pretty bad for dps and getting bad for healers. A lot of people also tend to get bored with just dps but love a lot of mechanics in their class. Don't you think people being able to completely customize their class would bring a lot to the game?
Why is internal cooldown information still hidden for trinkets, enchants and abilites? This information would be extremely useful in evaluating the value of procs in comparison to their alternatives.
Are there any plans to include a "Spectator mode" built into raid and arena groups, providing an overall better experience to learn encounters and tactics?
As a Sub pvp Rogue I am insulted when assasination/combat rogues ask for preperation and or shadowstep abilities to be baseline. What is Blizzards stance on this baseline-asking-thingy- phenomenon?
are there any plans for more 10vs10 bgs ?
Whats the deal with "we will delay T2 weps becouse it will mess with the pve progression, pve is to far behind", every season i can remember had a major raid content released 2 weeks before an arena season ends..... giving pve'ers a huge advantage in arena?

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