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What is the reasoning behind how powerful Dark intent is? It's more powerful than most of the old buffs that were nerfed, yet only affects one target and can only be brought by one class.
Is there any Plans on making Damage dealing abilities and healing Abilities having like a PvP cap, Because most PvE nerfs are caused from PvP because honestly I don't care for PvP so much as for PvE I do , It's Kind of stupid that we have to Suffer because of the PvP'ers \o/.
Are there still plans to give Warriors and DKs reliable CC for pve? Like a Deathbringer Saurfang Deathgrip he used on those npcs maybe?
Will there ever be a feature that allows a GM to transfer their guild to horde or another server, for a few more $? It has bin suggested sometimes now, and i'm wondering what your vision on this would be.
Could you remove Spirit from old Mage and Warlock sets, and Agility from old Plate sets? I'm trying to level a couple of characters and i encounter lots of sets (both pvp and tiers) with *totally useless* stats. You've already done it to Intellect for Hunters sets. Thanks in advance!
World PvP Question

What does World PvP mean to you in general? because it has been talked over many times but i dont have the feeling that we have had an answer yet.
Do you have any plans on making the engine more efficent?

For example if you go into teldrassil on ultra (especally shadows) it will completely hammer any computer you give it.
Are there any plans to make Mastery desirable for all classes and roles? It was initially described as being a stat that would be of benefit to all players no matter what we did, as it would "make us better at our role". Except that some roles will seek Mastery to the exclusion of all other stats (tanks) while others cant get rid of Mastery fast enough (some healing and dps specs for example).
Are there any plans to balance racials to avoid forcing people to play a certain race, if they want to optimize their char?

Right now some races are much stronger in certain aspects than others. For example undead racials are virtually useless in PvE at the moment, while Goblin, Orc and Troll racials are quite powerful.
I love the outfits the Gilneans use in the worgen starting area, Darnassus and other places, but as of now there's no way for us players to get one!

So my question is:
Will you implement some tailoring patterns to make the outfits the Gilneans use, or add them in any other way?
1. Is Spirit Link Totem the only 'Healing' cooldown Restoration Shamans are getting? If yes, why is it (currently) restricted to 10 yards? If no, what else can we expect?

Alongside, why are we once again stuck with a totem? :
I believe the Totem 'set' system was put in place to prevent too much totems to be stuck on the actual bars. With the recent Tremor Totem change, I feel forced to have that specificly on one of my bars. The same will apply to this Spirit Link Totem.
Why mages get so little attention?
Do the developers feel about how linear the levelling experience with cata is? Too little, too much or about right?
Fix arms burst, its TOO much. Stop avoiding questions like these
What is the thought behind the music that plays in the Battlegrounds, Tol Barad, and Wintergrasp? It seems very tranquil and quiet, which seems very odd for places that are all about war and battle.
Will AoE healing abilities ever be balanced (in a cost/reward sense) around the other healing spells so that triage within healing can be re-established and single target heals are not always an option of last resort? or will we end up with a Beacon situation from Wrath where encounter design and character progression is crippled by an unyielding situation of a handful of healing mechanics dictating how the PvE game must play out to match them often with dull and uninteresting results.

Example for context of the question being:
Rejuvenation (1 target) costing 3400 mana and providing 20000 healing (just shy of 6HPM)
Wild Growth (6 targets) costing 4500 mana and providing 55000 healing (just over 12HPM)

In a world where AoE buttons are the cheapest, most efficient way of providing maximum healing there is no opportunity for growth or advancement (in mana consumption too) because they are already maxed out on the limitation of cooldown rather than cost sustainability (ideally AoE heals should all cost at least double what they currently do to provide interesting choices and reactive gameplay, combined with a lesser need to make raids put out excessively bland AoE damage consistently to challenge mana consumption at all).
My Question is about Feral Druids (Bears):

What are your thoughts on Savage Defense at multiple add fights? Druids suffer in those situations where multiple adds hit the druid and completely deplete the absorb shield even if the hit was for 100 damage.
How regular does the dev team intend these types of Q&A (including other sections of Blizz) to be?

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