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i have a problem i was in the blasted lands doing the quest you get from the mage for the amulet as i went to get to the final amulet that you ask the murloc for my character froze then my screen went blanck and flashed on and off i turned off and tried to get on again but now it is just blank and flashing i need a blue to tell me or help me fix this
Is this the tech support forum?
Patience is a virtue, regardless of that you are also asking this in the wrong forums. ^^

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soz then
Logout and close WoW, and locate your installation directory.
Delete the folders called WTF, Interface and Cache, and then run the Repair.exe.
Once this is complete, log back into WoW with no addons installed.

If you find this does not fix the issue:

Run Windows Update, and select "Optional Updates".
Check to see if there are any graphics card updates for your drivers here.
Run all updates and make sure there aren't any left by running it again on completion, including the optionals.
Check your graphics card manufacturer site for any driver updates.

You may also wish to run CCleaner - A piece of software that can clean out your temp files, and get your registry cleaned up at the same time.

Also check to see if your card is overheating.

Could you tell me more about your graphic card and drivers please.

You can find the following information by using the DXdiag tool.

1) Click on the Start button, then select the Run option
2) Type dxdiag into the run box
3) You may get a message from the program about your drivers, this is fine just allow it.
4) Once the program has loaded and it has gathered your information locate the tab named Display or Screen
5) Locate the sections marked Name, Manufacturer and Chiptype in the in Device section, then, DDI Version, Version and Date in Drivers.

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