Best looking hunter race in the game

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Worgen hunters are terrible...
Female UD hunter ftw <3
Male UD hunter ftw <3

That's better
Undead Hunters or Orc female :-}
Male Undead Hunters by far
Females. any kind. Yes i went there. (Except the dwarf male counterpart, you can't really call them female anyway)
Haters gonna hate.
Me ofc...

Bow and Crossbow is best no sound hate the sound of the gun
troll mon we be da coolest hunters mon
troll is the coolest

Human male is the worst
Hey wait a collar pickin' minute, Im up here being all huntery and shizz, and you say i'm the worst? Screw you troll! Screw you! im awsome, im arrogent, i picked BM -Just to piss people off- i was made to be a human, So Mister ''TROLL!'' Dont run up here saying im the worst! You horde Mongrels will die by my gun! YIIIIIIPEEEEEE KIAYAAAAAAAAAAAAAE!

P.S. Your the son of a motherless ogre.
Alliance: Dwarf

Horde: Troll
13/03/2011 9:16 AMPosted by Buggar
Haters gonna hate.
Human female!
i say coolest are

Male orc
Female undead

Definately Draenei female..

Dwarf male and female , draenei male and troll male is the coolest atm, getting really tired of my worgen look, its awful.
I don't know about shooting arrows, but with guns we dwarves are most bad-lowerbacks there, lad!
Once you go Goblin, you never go, erm.. back? >_<

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