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I was wondering if there is an alternative way to buy authenticator for your account other than blizzard store? I know about the cell phone options but my phone is so old that it doesn't support that.
The reason why I am asking is that my current bank has these weird options for when it comes to paying online with my credit card. My bank has a setting that the card can't be used to pay online only if the site takes you to web site of the bank where you can pay the product like a bill.
To make it easier to understand, the website claims that I don't have correct information about my card, which is not true. (and I do know how to use credit cards online and have done that before with other cards so that is not the case :))
Do you perhaps have a suitable mobile device instead?

Or if you have an Iphone or Ipod touch, you can download a free app from the app store "Blizzard Mobile Authenticator"
Well I said about my mobile phone that its too old for that so that isn't an option unfortunately
14/03/2011 4:32 PMPosted by Couerty
Well I said about my mobile phone that its too old for that so that isn't an option unfortunately

So you did, sorry!

There are other online stores that sell the authenticator such as but I would think all of these sites will likely only accept credit/debit cards I am afraid.
Well I have to see if any of those sites take my credit card, thanks for helping me out!
I have seen the authenticators for sale in Game, the store as opposed to online, for £9.99 in either WoW or Starcraft look. I haven't seen them in HMV or Gamestation though they may sell them too. Though this is reliant on you being in the UK as I can't talk about other countries.
Hello there Couerty,

Obviously, when it comes to us selling the physical Authenticators directly, I’m afraid we only do so through the Blizzard Store. There are however, as Shammoz and Salthina suggest, a few shops and sites out there where you may also be able to acquire one, so it may be worth looking around.

If this isn’t successful, as a last resort how about asking a friend or relative if you may be able to make use of their card in order to purchase a token from our Online Store? I understand that this obviously wouldn’t be ideal, but hopefully you’ll be able to work something out either way – best of luck! :)

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