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Welcome to the World of Warcraft Developer Global Q&A. In this thread we'll be collecting questions from you to have answered by our developers. We'll be asking for your question each time a new Q&A Questions thread goes up, having the community vote on them, and posting the answers we receive approximately one week later.

Locked: voting over -- thanks all!

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Asked in the previous Q&A, is there any word on improving the survivability of moonkins in PvP?
It would help lessen my girlfirend's Moonkin rage and save her spending money on keyboards and headsets, as being a Moonkin in PvP leads to some serious stress.

Possibly a self-heal that doesn't require a Moonkin to lose 15% damage reduction?

EDIT: Youtube user Raishiwi, who is a Balance Arena Master, gave a good guide into Moonkin PvP in three parts. He suggested gemming Stamina and Resilience, and speccing into 6% spell damage reduction, due to their lost survivability. Is this the direction Balance druids need to take to be competetive?
What is the reasoning behind the changes to stealth (and recuperate)? While stealth is flawed in pvp, it's far more to do with it's unreliability (especially against pet classes) than its mobility.
It seems that you are adding more and more battlegrounds for each expansion, and in the future it may be too much. Does the large amount of Battlegrounds concern you?
How do developers decide which abilities to rebalance due to pvp, especially it regards to pve? It feels odd that some classes cannot get a vital pve buff due to being already powerful in pvp and vice versa, especially when there are areas that affect only one of the two areas that can be rebalanced
Currently Earthbind totem doesn't benefit from Hit rating or Spellpenetration, will this ever be fixed?
What are the opinions on the ease of attaining pve items (trinkets and weapons) for pvp, and vice versa with regards to weapons?
Heirlooms in PvP have been an issue at least since the XP-On/XP-Off split, as they give a huge advantage to re-rollers compared to newcomers and other regular levellers, not just because of their overblown stats (and eg the Spellpower on the casting weapons can only be called overblown compared to the normal gear) but also because of the fact they can be Enchanted without the limitation of having to be replaced.

As a result, there have been many, many complaints of newcomers, returning players, players not transferring/re-rolling on other Realms, and other regular levellers.

The idea behind the XP-On/XP_Off split (which I support) was, and I quote Vaneras:

We want everybody to have fun in the battlegrounds, and that includes those people who do not twink their characters... and getting steamrolled again and again by twinks is just not fun. Allowing twinks to play in the same Battlegrounds as regular players would be unfair for those who are levelling their characters for the first time, and normal players in general should not be punished for not having the time or resources to spend on gathering the best in slot equipment and top enchants for their low level characters.

Yet especially in the earliest brackets - the brackets which newcomers and esp. Trail players will encounter - we see toons decked out in Enchanted Heirlooms cause exactly the same issues: forcing people to grind on low-level toons, just in order to be - somewhat - on par.

My question is this:
what is Blizzard going to do about the problems caused by allowing Heirlooms in XP-On PvP?
what is the future for searing pain and its redundent talents?
Elemental Shaman: Are you intending to make this spec viable in PvP (arena, RBG) and how do you feel about the overall state of Elemental in PvP?
u have plans to do new arenas ,and new improvments in pvp.
Is there any plans to give Holy Paladins anyway to get out / avoid CC and maybe even add Sacred Shield back into the game in a weaker form?
Will hunters traps resisting get fixed?
Do you think paladins are fine in PvP?

Paladins are, especially on 2400+ arenaratings, the worst healer with a class representation of 8% (and there are alot of retribution paladins over 2400, I know paladins do very well in rbgs, but I (and I'm sure alot of other paladins aswell) still prefer arena since it is more fun and requires more individual skills.
Do you see a problem with the way frost mages are playing currently in relation to ice lance spam being the only viable option due to frost tree lockouts. especially?

Ret paladins are the most vulnerable melee class, both to purges and damage, because our main output cooldown (avenging wrath), and our tool against roots/snares (freedom) have a considerable cd, and it's super duper easy to get purged/spellstolen. I think our signature skills should be undispelleable. Our cc's are in a 1 min cd and are both easily dispellable, and we have no damage reduction outside of 1 min cd 20% reduction, and (in 4.1), WoG have 20 secs of cooldown, converting us pretty much in a punchbag. Other melee classes have passive heals (warrior, rogue) or potent cds against magic damage and kiting capacity for melee (death knight). I won't ask for a snare, because we should team up with other melee with that capacity, but our damage and melee capacity is largely grounded against purge. There will be some changes for us?
I have a question regarding the end game play content apart from raiding.

I do not know whether this question has been asked already but are there any specific plans about adding new features for "bored" people who do nothing but log on for raids nowadays?
Don't you think that recent changes to feral druids that were aimed to balanced them more in PvP hurt the class in PvE? From very good dps class it went to one of the weakest. Any plans on trying to adjust that in some way?
At the moment it feels like healing is very much balanced towards PvE, where large heals are needed, mana pools are required to last the full encounter, and good raid healing may be needed as well.

As such, healers designed around these goals become VERY powerful in PvP, and a single player poses very little threat to them. Furthermore, because resilience weakens DPS it conversely "buffs" healers; less damage being caused means there is less to heal, so HoT's and such become much more effective.

Can the devs please tell us if they are concerned that resilience is tipping the scales in favour of healers, or if they feel healing in general needs to be tweaked for PvP?
What are your thoughts on classes or specs or comps with so many abilities that control the opponent (with or without a cooldown) they can chain them one after another and, by the time the chain ends, most abilities are almost ready to be used again?
In particular, are you satisfied with current diminishing returns mechanisms: the DR category system, or the reset timer? Have you considered alternative systems? Do you think CCs and related effects (especially Silence and Interrupts) are now in a good place to satisfy most players?

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