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14/03/2011 8:56 PMPosted by Nisia
Is there any chance we are ever going to see skirmishes back in the game as they used to were?
Playing a tank class at pvp isnt that much fun as it could be. Usually a tank is a person that has the ability to protect his team but this isnt the case at wow-pvp. You cant taunt of players from your healers, and the spells that reduce damage taken for your group are either very limited or have a too long CD for pvp battles.

Are the Dev´s also playing tanks in pvp and if so, do they agree to the points mentioned by me and is there a chance that tanks in pvp will become more important and viable in the future?
The current pvp gameplay consists of a lot CC. Most of the time you are either stunt, frogged, feared, ice trapped, slowed etc. I remember that you once said that pvp isnt fun if you are not in control of your character (Warlock fear at classic wow).

How do you rate the current situation then, as players are sitting in a lot of CC effects right now and the "escape tools" provided might work once every 1 or 2 minutes only.
When all hunter game breaking bugs (like trap resist, random auto shots and self DOT's breaking CC, pets spawning with low healths and being one shotted etc...) will be fixed?
Are you planning to take Mind Spike off the Shadow school anytime soon ?
Would you consider giving us an option to block 1 bg from the random battleground option?
I'm tired of getting the bg that I hate constantly, and I still want to benefit from the random bg honor bonus.
Elemental Shaman: Are you intending to make this spec viable in PvP (arena, RBG) and how do you feel about the overall state of Elemental in PvP?
Can we have Halaa back?

To be specific; TBC added a few world-PvP events, of which Halaa was awesome. No limit to the number of players who could battle any time they liked. I remember epic battles lasting hours, more enjoyable than epic Kara runs during the same expansion time.

Instead of adding "instance-like" zones with limited players on a fixed timer, can we have something updated like Halaa in future?

EDIT: By "instance-like" zones i mean WG and TB (if that wasn't obvious)
will arcane mage ever be arena viable again (ive given up on fire) and are there any plans to give it more haste, its just to slow now. also why did you say you wanted fun talents then RUIN missle barrge? also any plans to stop "mage training" in arena? after watching streams of top teams mages were the kill target 99% of the time.
also do you know what's up with charlie sheen and can you PLZ get him to do a wow ad (his warlock bats 1000%)
Will the ability of shadowstepping while rooted ever be considerd as a viable option again?
When are you gonna fix Rouges vanish.

So its working as intended...not having pet and ret paladins Guardian breaking Stealth?
Why do my DoTs tick for same damage as in WotLK?
Would you concider some affli mechanics changes? Making Soul Swap 1 min CD or removing glyph at all along with some reasonable damage buff. I mean when I will need to cast some stuff and be revarded for it, not just Soul Swap from one on another.
do you think that make something about the big and inappropriate burst(and not only) dmg for some team while healer+retry-war, healer dk-retry?
Do u plan rework the survival tree ? Cause there are some "-" in that spec.
-counterattack as a 21 talent point.
-no sinergy between dots and cc.
-no talent to make camo useful for survival (crit when u enter combat from camo ex.).
-a dot that it's not so good as a 41 talent point.
-arcane shot dose more damage than explosive shot.
-wyvern sting can't be used on boss fights.

i hope it will get some work

P.S.:SV is not fun in pvp.
Are there plans to make demon soul more usable for destruction pvp? Imp is not the best for pvp and with other pets demon soul is useless for destruction pvp.
Pets keep following me after I restealth, I remember it being like that long ago, then it came back. Is it a bug or is it meant to be like that?
Nagrand is generally considered the most balanced arena, any plans to make several re-skinned Nagrand Arenas? :)
Any plans to add additional starter PvP gear items/set bonuses (e.g. neck, rings, tinkets, 6-piece resil set bonus etc)?
The crafted starter set is extremely underpowered for entering BGs/Arenas.

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