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'Mana Matters' was a cataclysm philosophy but it seems very few classes run OOM. Any plans to address this?
Would you make Demon Soul spec-based, not pet-based?
I'm simply losing one of the strongest ability playing affli against spellcleaves, for example. Or is it designed like sacrificing damage for dispell? Doh.
Any chance you could add additional cosmetic pvp items/gear throughout the ratings range?
The 2.2k set should look a lot nicer than the std set I wear (same stats but not just re-coloured) and ideally you would have cosmetic options at varying levels.
Concerning world PvP and the new 1v1 system, what are your plans to make it more viable in unbalanced population realms?

Unrelated directly to PVP, but it's something that's been brought up before. Achievements bound to account. If done properly it could potentially reduce lag even further, (otherwise, as it is, it might increase lag on new character). Titles, pets and mounts would probably still require each individual character to perform some task, if not doing the actual achievement, at least spending some gold for them. Are there any plans for this, and if so how soon could these changes start appearing?
Currently mages are the number one kill target for every team in arena, every game we just get tunnelled until we are dead, reason for this? Bad ice barrier and no dispel protection on our novas (all our novas are off in one gcd)

I understand the need for removing one of our novas, but are their any changes incoming for our survivability,so we are not just tunneled every game?

Currently all mages do in arena are run around, nova and ice lance with hardly any ability to cast, what are blizzards views on this?
Why have you neglected Elemental shamans and Destruction warlocks in regards to changes to arena viability when they are clearly not viable in competitive pvp in general?

Are there plans to make either of the classes/speccs more represented in terms of arena representation and comp diversity, or are you just going to leave the speccs as they are and pretend they don't exist in pvp?
With the recent changes to increase shadow bite damage I'm curious of why the range of Spell Lock (30 yard) hasn't been put on par with Counterspell (40 yards) yet?

With the damage increase warlocks will most likely have the pet on the target getting focused instead of having it on a caster creating pushback and well, is just ready for spell lock.
This change is really needed.
Have you considered increasing warlock singe target damage and removing Glyph of Soul Swaps as many top warlocks have suggested at various forums?
The class feels very dull and boring to play at the moment since the damage is really low compared to other classes.

Would a haunt + nightfall combo hitting for 16-18k in pvp be too much to ask for?
A possible nerf for both succubus and the 4.1 felhunter to compensate for PvE reasons in case of a damage buff.
Do you have any plans of making Drain soul a good execute again?
At the moment it's hitting like a wet noodle and if it crits (10% chance), it might do the damage close to half of what a Shadow Word: Death does.
While one of these spell is instant and you use them twice if the target doesn't die and one takes 3 seconds for it's first tick and is actually possible to interrupt.
Why are u guys keep buffing the warrior dmg?
Will there be a system to help balance bgs from what average gear players have in the game? For example my druid is fresh 85 and has no pvp gear yet, and i find it hard to play and have fun in bgs untill i get a decent amount of pvp gear due to getting almost 1 shotted from those with epics.

Could there be a system where i only play with others that have 0-1000 resil horde and allaince. But also 1001-2000 resil bgs, 2001-3000 resil bgs and so on.

Would be a good way to allow a little more fair play as folk work on their gear.
"Balancing PvP ruins PvE and the other way around" is a frequent complaint given by your customers; are there any plans to implement a penalty system in which skilling certain talents (for instance clear PvP talents) results in a DPS loss rather than sacrificing a classe's power in PVE in order to sustain PvP balance through patches/hotfixes?
Have you ever considering creating a PvP and PvE mode for WoW for easier balance?
Lets say every time you join a battleground or arena you automatically gets put in to PvP mode, where your spells differ slightly in damage, where you could also ask for advice from top tier PvPers for advice on how to balance the game?

This might be alot of coding or whatever but at the end I'm fairly sure this would result in a much easier time balancing the game around PvP without it having any effect on PvE and vice versa.
Are you considering making the "Gladiator" title earnable from 2v2 again?If no,why not?
What are your thoughts of keeping the arena pass realm up all the time for a more competitive arena scene?
This would really help WoW arena as an "e-sport" by quite a lot.
Do you feel that you need to address the PvP experience for newcomers to the game?
Low-level PvP is dominated by people who have heirlooms and indeed by certain classes, currently.
But the endgame situation is almost as bad: when you get to 85, you are able to progress into PvE relatively easily by using your questing gear to complete normals and then using that gear to enter heroics. For PvP, you can either jump straight into normal battlegrounds but you will be slaughtered, which can be frustrating - I imagine it putting off a new player. The other option is to grind an obscene amount for a crafted set or pay a huge amount of money to another player for it, and even then the crafted set doesn't help you out much in battlegrounds given the costs involved in getting it.

tl;dr: It's easy to jump into PvE once you reach 85 but you can't do the same for PvP. This surely deters people who'd like to get into PvP.
Have you considering actually taking advices from top tier PvPers about how to balance the game?
Same question as before:

What are your plans with Holy Paladins in PvP? We're currently by far the weakest healer and there's no reason to take us over any other healer. Are you going to do more than just give us a useless buff to our mastery duration or will we have to stay the way we are? Holy paladins are fine in low ratings, but we're useless in high ratings.

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