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Will we see spectator mode in both Rbg and Arena? Considering we have got war game option, it would be kind of cool to set up our own ternaments and be able to watch them.
Will we be able to setup war game cross realm in near future?
are you going to fix warriors at all? less burst more sustained damage, more mobility and more stance dance (wtb pummel in zerker stance)
How do you plan to balance arena 2v2? currently the healer+dps setups are VERY long and not so entertaining
We have heard plenty of times, that 2v2 is not a viable bracket for arena. I would like to know, if you are having any thoughts about making this bracket a part of the balancing again? If not, why have you kept it? Has it become the "get your conquest points" bracket?
Frost Mages

Is there any plans to in any way change them in Pvp? currently they're just silly against any melee class with near limitless control, especially against feral druids.

comparing pvp on my druid in almost full epic pvp gear and years of experience to my Brand new mage alt i can say this - it's far too easy to pvp as a mage.

on the mage i can jump around in circles spamming instant casts and rooting people (and actually win by doing so) without any real effort. on the epic geared druid however every fight is a fight for survival where you mostly get #*!@d (ever since the patch) regardless of what you do - the only way to survive is to have a personal dispeller. this compared to a frost mage who can kill pretty much any class on his own.

this is from my own experience in both battlegrounds and arena.
What are your thoughts about Ruins of Lordaeron arena? It's the only arena without an actual pillar and has LoS issues. Most of pvp players hate that a lot. There were some changes already (like start rooms redesign), will you make it a competitive, not a place for melee zergfest?
Are you considering giving fire mages dispel protection? thereby making fire more viable for arena.
Do you have intentions to bring Balance druids viable for any arena? 2v2, 3v3 or even 5v5? You have said they're are performing well in bgs, so is this gonna be the case?
Are you bringing back the lvl 70 epic version of the "Medallion of the horde"?
Realy anoying to use a 5 min cd trinket, results in many loss. Realy a big advantage for other players that managed to obtain it in s8 or any previous season.
What are your plans with Elemental Shamans? They seem to be forgotten, especially in PvP. Do you consider any changes or are they fine the way they're at the moment?
Here's my question :

Is Blizzard planning to create tools that could allow the community to participate in improving the game like a Map Editor (for balanced Arena and Batlleground maps) or a LAN Client (Arena Tournaments)...etc ?
Because as a community member I don't really know how I can help the game to evolve.

As you have probably noticed 31pt holy paladin talent is not being taken/used in arenas at all and in battlegrounds its not much better, any plans to make it usefull for PvP?
from the last ask a dev

"We prefer solutions like resilience and diminishing returns on crowd control that are more global rules rather than virtually every ability having a PvE vs. a PvP coefficient. We want it to feel like one game with a unified set of rules"

pve: bring the player not the class
pvp: bring the class not the player

things like rotation priority and stat priority ie pvp only stats and some spells are useless in one aspect of the game but vital in the other. gameplay is vastly different, there is no pve situation where players are requiered to fake cast at mobs for example.

how exactly is the game going to feel unified when pvp and pvp have directly conflicting designs and the gamplay is diverging?
Since Colossus Smash, Arms damage has been way over the top against classes that don't have tools to deny their uptime with. The upcoming patch will buff arms damage considerably through GCD helpers and mobility, and more and more people are opting out to play double healer + warrior comps.

Would it be possible to condition warrior's damage to diminish more on certain armor levels, so that the casterdps/warrior synergies would remain necessity for a successful comp?
I wanna ask about frost mages: I think it's pretty hard to fight against them even with warrior because if they're good they can CC you all the time and my question is: can these CC effects be on same diminish return / smaller duration in pvp? In PvE it's superuseful but for PvP ... geared and skilled mage is very hard to kill
why is there a discrepency between spell types (physical/ magical) when targeting higher level players? and will this be addressed to equalise them, so both fail or succeed?

for an example a caster using magic agaisnt a player significantly higher level will show most if not all spells being resisted while physical abilities still land, as an example i tested this on a friend at the time there was a significant lvl gap between us (if memory serves it was 20)
all my abilities as a melle worked, cc, interupts and damage, which while reduced significantly by armour, still landed on the target.

this allows classes based on physical dmg to contribute to situations such as world pvp/ city defense between higher level charachters while others cannot.
Do we get new Points to buy new PVP gear with or will it still be conquest points ?
And will the conquest points be resetted at patch 4.2 ? and also honor ?
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