Is it allowed to sell character names for gold?

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tried searching through rules wanna know if its possible
technically it would be trading an ingame item (char name) for ingame gold, so i dont think it would be against the TOU. not 100% certain though
How it would be done I don't know.

The only two ways of freeing up name are character deletion in which case the name is open for anyone to get and someone might get it before the person you intended.

The second is paid name change, which if my memory is correct locks the name for 90 days.

Whether it is allowed or not is an interesting question. It could be seen as a scam, as you can't guarantee that the person who pays you for the name gets it.
Yeah ofc ud only do it with people u trust. Just wanna know if its allowed before going ahead with it.
Lol, realized it was a character NAME after I posted :)

Rule wise, there is nothing stopping you that I am aware of, but should the transaction not go as planned, i.e. you do not get paid, I doubt very much that the GM team could assist you with the retrieval of said payment.

So as you say, if you are going to do it, you should make sure you can trust them.
Good evening Spongle,

Technically, there isn’t anything to say that you can’t make an in-game agreement to ‘sell’ the use of a character name for in-game gold, as the others have suggested. :)

This does come with a heavy warning though, and in blue this time(!) – this would not be an officially supported transaction, and would have to take place entirely at your own risk (as with planned item transfer via the Neutral Auction House, and other unintended ‘trades’).

Whilst checking into this, we were also unsure how you’d go about freeing up the name in question in a reliable way, but please don’t forget about the name being locked if you did decide to make use of the PCNC server and also don’t forget that an outsider could indeed poach the name while it was free and you’d unfortunately have no recourse to appeal for help.

All this being said, good luck if you do decide to go ahead with it!

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