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Hello there. I've bought a race change for one of my toons some days before Cataclysm was released but I ended up not playing that toon until now, so I still have the race change thingy near my character on the login menu. I've been tinkering with it, choosing which race i would want i ended up just wanting to change from human male to human female, but the race change feature doesn't let me choose Female Human because it isnt considered a race change.
From what i've seen the race change feature is more expensive than the character recostumization one, so I ask why can't I simply change from male to female within the same race using the race change feature ?

I understand your logic Scorpium, but the race change technology is designed to actually change your race, so it has to be done. I can't promise anything, but if you contact our payment support guys they will see if there is anything we can do to help you out with your change of mind.

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Good luck!
Thanks for the answer . Keep up the good work.
PS: Imba avatar :)

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