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Hi guys,

I need a little help with the API of the ingame calendar. I am not a crack with script commands, but i got an idea what it should do and what is possible.

At the moment goldspammers are opening calendar events and seem to use a date which can not be displayed with the normal UI (shows 1 year max). Meaning the minimap button will continously keep blinking, due to open invites.

It should be possible to read out that time and delete the event with API commands: <- Go to "Calendar"

I think what we need is:


/script print(CalendarContextGetEventIndex())

But iam getting only "0 0 0" and once i got the pring 1 25 1 (had a test event for 25.3.2010).

This declines the current opened event

/script CalendarEventDecline()

Can't get it to work together though, need help.

Regards Grimgo
Yes since a few month there is a lot of golder spam in calendar
perhapps a patch can fix this
a patch can't fix that ppl keep visiting phishing site and don't know jack about account security ^^
Rilgana just msged me a workaround:

/run CalendarSetMonth(1)

Will set to next month beyond the normal display limit. So you could at least remove any future events manually.

Still working on autoamtic solution though

/run for i=0,99 do for y=1,31 do t,_,_,_,_,_,_,_,_,iB =CalendarGetDayEvent(i,y,1) if iB=="" or t=="TITEL" then CalendarContextInviteRemove(i,y,1) end end end

i=0,99 - looks forward for 99 months (i personnally had an event for 2018
y=1,31 every month has max 31 days

t= name of the event
iB= name of the event creator ("" means nothing, like in he left or char was deleted, not nil)

Change "Title" to the current common event name the spammers use for german realms the simply say "Hello"

This macro should delete any events that either have no leader (char deleted or removed from calendar) OR any invites with the given title.

Thanks goes to the ppl in this thread:

<a href=""></a>
22/03/2011 1:30 PMPosted by Grimgorath
a patch can't fix that ppl keep visiting phishing site and don't know jack about account security ^^

That is unrelated to calendar invites....
In this case it would be more preferable with more optional filters being added to the game. For example in case of the calendar an option could be added in interface that a person (A) can't be invited by another person (B) unless the first (A) has the second (B) on friends list or is part of the same guild.

Optionally a less restrictive solution would be to extend the friends list limitation to "Friend of a friend" to allow for some new interaction.

Same could be added to whispers (Something some mages would appreciate as they can't enter a city without the portal vultures being all over you).

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