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Hi, when cata comes out i took trial 10days i got some green, blue cata gear and then trial closed, now i logged to account i see another 8 days of trial but my gear which i was get after first trial is gone im totally naked, so my question is my gear will come back when i upgrade with real copy of cata?
I will just link the Cataclysm Trial FAQ to begin with:

This is probably the part of interest to you:

What happens to my characters and items after the 10 free days expire?
Any new Goblin or Worgen characters you've created will be saved and will be inaccessible until you upgrade to the full version of Cataclysm. Once you've upgraded, they will be unlocked just as you left them and ready for further adventures. All items and gold you gain during the trial period are yours to keep. Any characters that find themselves still in Hyjal, Vashj'ir, or any other expansion zone at the trial expiration will be transported to their bind point in Azeroth or Outland. If the character's bind point was set in a Cataclysm exclusive zone, he or she will be transported to his or her home city.

However, your description doesn't really seem to correspond with that. In fact, this bit: "but my gear which i was get after first trial is gone im totally naked" sounds more like you've had your account compromised.

You should probably post this in the Costumer Support Forum, or alternatively, make a GM ticket in-game.
Either of those should be able to give you some better answers to your problem than you can get here.

Hope that helps...a little.
This issue has now been resolved. =)
Hey there,

I have recently started playing WoW again, deciding to test run the 10 day trial to see what's what. Now my 4 80's are right next to the level cap (after 1 day) and i want to level them up, mainly cos i cba to restart again with a new toon.

If i buy Cata right now, could i see out the other 9 days with the full range of content or would i be limited to the trials content until the 10 days end and i get a new subscription? If that is the case is there any way to end the trial early so that i can get to leveling!?

Many thanks,

[Lots of people don't respect a Pala that plays well, but they sure as hell fear them]
Hi Takogirl,

If you submit Cataclysm to your account, the 9 days of Trial will remain on your account and you'll have full access to the content of the expansion pack. Once the trial has expired, you'll be credited for another month of game time, if you have a payment method already setup. :-)

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