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Welcome to the World of Warcraft Developer Global Q&A. In this thread we'll be collecting questions from you to have answered by our developers. We'll be asking for your question each time a new Q&A Questions thread goes up, having the community vote on them, and posting the answers we receive approximately one week later.

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Here's how this works:

  • Starting at the time this thread is made you can post your World of Warcraft question for the developers.

  • Around 9:30 Tuesday Morning we're going to reply saying no more questions will be taken, and any questions beyond that point will be ignored.

  • Should the thread hit the cap (500 posts), no more questions will be allowed.

  • We'll then ask you to use the thumbs-up button to vote for any questions you'd like to see answered. (Please only vote on questions submitted before the cutoff time.)

  • Around 17:00 on Tuesday, we'll lock the thread, meaning no more votes will be possible.

  • We'll pick out posts with the most votes, collect them with questions from the other regions, and get answers to be posted the following week.

  • This process will continue on, with a new question thread going up (weather permitting) and the answers to the previous questions being posted shortly thereafter.


  • Only one question per post.

  • If your question is answered your character name will be displayed alongside the question.

  • Discussion posts are not allowed! If you don't have a question for our developers, you should not post in this thread.

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  • Down votes don't count.


  • Don't post or vote for questions you know we won't answer. We're not going to use these Q&As to announce new features, expansions, or release dates, etc. By the same token, we're not going to answer questions that touch on subjects outside of the game and its design.

  • Stay on topic! We’re asking for questions regarding a specific topic, if your question isn’t on that topic it’ll probably be down-voted to obscurity by other posters, and more than likely deleted by us.

  • Keep your question concise. One to three sentences should be plenty to explain background and ask a question.

  • Vote for any and all questions you would like to see answered.

  • All votes count. While you can't see vote #'s, we can. Even if a post is highly rated, your vote still means something to that question (potentially) being answered.
Do the developers have any plans in regards to overhauling the Combat Log so that players can easier examine the results after a battle?
The Remote Auction house is really handy and very effective to use. However, the in-game Auction House seems to lacking when it comes to the ease of posting new auctions or searching for something.
Are you happy with the interface for the in-game Auction House, or is it something you would like to improve - if so, how?
Are there any plans to implement further things into the standard UI that we currently rely on addons to provide?

More specifically I mean things like Recount and Omen.
Will there be an option for live hotkey binding? I mean in a way, go in keybind mode, hover over said button and hit your keybind. Making it tons easier to keybind stuff.
As a tank my greatest difficulty is targetting in multiple pulls. Tabbing often isn't quick enough and clicking can be unreliable / impossible if spell effects get in the way (such as arcane explosion causing me to target the caster instead of the mob). Is there a UI solution to assisting targetting in group pulls?
Will there ever be an Appearence tap so we can look like we in our RP gear yet wear our normal geear stats, i been told other games have them.
Question: Are there plans, to make the own character frame and your target frame movable and add some little configuration possibilities to it?

Details: I know you guys want to keep the Interface simple, but since people use bigger and bigger screens, having your own character window in the very upper left corner of a 24" screen with 1900:1200 or even bigger screens and resolutions can get really annoying, because it gets more and more difficult to grasp a quick glimps at your own and your targets HP, Mana, etc.

Vehicle mount - Sand Stone Drake.

Is it going to have its own icon in the UI like the other passenger mounts?
I'm using a macro to kick people off my mount atm, the other option is dismounting.
Currently the default UI is pretty much unusable as-is for serious players and hundreds of addons are necessary.

How about looking around for the most popular addons and incorporating their functions in the standard UI, preferably in a better way?

For example, raiding requires a damage meter (Recount), a threat meter (Omen), a customizable raid frame (Grid/Pitbull), a customizable aura display (PowerAuras), some way to have unlimited long macros (Clique, BindPad), a buff/debuff frame and a boss mod, none of which the standard UI provides in an acceptable fashion.

Even mundane tasks are very hard without a proper inventory management addon (ArkInventory, Bagnon), a proper auctioneering tool (Auctionation), a proper minimap tool, a decent mail interface addon, a waypoint arrow (TomTom), etc.
Q: Any plans to add an option to show the number of seconds on a CD remaining in the abilities icon?

Are there any plans to "adopt" the functionality of the add-on "Cliq" into the default Blizzard UI?
Question: Will the Blizzard raid UI get a little bit more configuration options to adjust the size, groups, etc a bit better?

Detail: I'm successfully using the Blizzard raid UI for 10man HMs, but I guess in a 25man setting it will be quite difficult to not plaster your screen with it.

Are there any plans to make a tool that lets you display an piece of equipment without actually wearing it, in such a way that it goes "over" the existing gear. It does not award stats when equipped in the cosmetics slot. Personally i would love to wear a top hat instead of the bowl i currently have.

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