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So I opened up my email inbox just now and theres a message from Blizzard Entertainment in there. Normally I dont give them too much credit since it's normally scams but this one looks oddly legitimate so it lead me here.

Basically its offering my 7 days of free game time to come back to WoW. What gets me is that it has happened before and it was real. Anyway my question is, is this real this time? are blizzard giving out free game time again?

And if so, well dang it all blizz you have some timing! I just resubbed last saturday after a 2 month break, could'a used that free time about a week ago XD
The best thing to do would be to check the header Castelu of the e-mail and make sure it has come from a reputable source (I.e us).

If you would like information on how to do this, then you are welcome to check out this Support Article.

How to Identify "Spoofed" Email Addresses

You are also welcome to take a look at our sticky on fake e-mails here. :)

Fake or ‘Phishing’ E-mails from Blizzard
That particular email is a scam. I got the same one and it does indeed look very legitimate. Whoever made it went to a lot of trouble and it'll probably catch more than a few people off-guard.

However, it's NOT legitimate, as you'll see if you closely examine all the URL's. Another tip-off is that it's sent out to people with an active subscription, yet still retains the same "Return to" heading.

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