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I have a macro which I forgot where I got originally. When I mouseover an item with mailbox open, it automatically adds similar items to the mailbox. It is really a great tool for me.

The macro is below:

/run local I,n=1;for i=1,12 do I=I+(GetSendMailItem(i)and 1 or 0)i,n=GameTooltip:GetItem()n=n:match"Hitem:%d+:"end for b=0,4 do for s=1,32 do if(GetContainerItemLink(b,s)or""):find(n)then PickupContainerItem(b,s)ClickSendMailItemButton(I)I=I+1 end end end

I need another macro with similar function but is not limited to mailbox. If trade is open it will automatically right click on similar items and send them to the trade. If bank is open it will automatically send them to bank.

I also need the same thing to work vice versa from bank items. It would rock if this can work with one macro but I can live with multiple macros too :)

If a macro wiz can help me I would me most grateful.

Thanks in advance :D
With Postal, you can alt-click an item to send it directly from the bag.
Yes, but you have to click on the stacks individually. What I want is to just mouseover something, activate the macro and all the items with the same name in all bags will get right clicked.
cmon make it someone =)

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