Preparation Macro

Hello there,

I'm looking for a macro that will save me a keybind for Prep. I couldn't phrase the question generally so let's take Vanish as an example.

I need a macro that will:
- use Vanish normally if it is off cooldown but not waste my Prep;
- if Vanish is on cooldown but Prep is not, it uses Prep and then Vanish.

/use Prep
/use Vanish
will of course not work as it will blow my Prep regardless of the cd on Vanish.

Thanks in advance.
#showtooltip Preparation
/cast [nostealth] Evasion
/cast [nocombat] Vanish
/cast Sprint
/cast Preparation
One of my old prep macro's. Used to do the trick. Now that I think, why in gods name do I have nocombat in the vanish. wow gee, using vanish is so useful right there. Might as well change it to combat. But theoretically, should work.

Also, you can't make if x is on cd use y priorities on macros.

Edit> Might remove the evasion line too since Prep no longer resets Evasion.
Yeah, seen the same macro on WoWwiki but wouldn't this macro pop both Vanish and Sprint?
/castsequence reset=120 Vanish, Preparation

Dunno if it was something like that u wanted :)
Tbh, it is a lot more safe to just bind them seperately. You will probably see a lot of moments where you just simply hit the key once too many times and you'll lose prep at bad times.

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