Ask the Devs #4 Questions – Armor and Weapons

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Asking this for the roleplayers,

would it be possible for city quartermasters to sell the same equipment that guards wear? Stats wouldn't matter.
Is there any possibility for legendary weapons to become BoA, so alts can find use out of them when they are no longer needed on your main, this should give the legendary weapons you earned more use, and should also make leveling alts more interesting? (Obviously to stop them being wanted at higher levels - it would probably good to stop them scaling at the level they are obtained at (so thunderfury stops scaling at lvl 60, shadowmourne at lvl 80, etc...))
Many people feel uncomfortable with how skimpy female armour can turn out. Are there any plans to let the player toggle between full body armour and the "bikini" plate style?
Will you look into the case where when you hold a 2-hander as a tauren your weapon is big as the whole body, but when being a Blood Elf you look like you are holding into a dagger (2h sword for example.) or similiar.
What are your thoughts on a vanity set of armor and weapon. A set we could wear 'over' our items that don't match.
Will we ever get back the raid drop style of having unique models (mostly) for tier - and most of the non tier using different models or are we stuck with everyone looking like they're in tier from now on (like we have since ulduar)?
As it stands there are no agility items for archaeology, the agility vendor ring was omitted on launch, there are no gem slots on the crafted leather agility gear, only two agility epics from reputation factions and only one agility item from Sinestra (the highest i-level) for both leather and mail wearers. Especially compared to casters, do you feel there's been an oversight regarding agility itemisation?
I think this falls into armor and weapons category..

Would it be possible for items that you win by Needing to become soulbound instantly? They could of course still be traded within the 2-hour period but not sold on the AH etc.
As it stands, there are many items that are plain useless. While it is understood that the ZA/ZG melee weapon speeds are just an oversight, there are many items on live that are plain useless, such as most of a holy paladin's Tier 11 and several trinkets (in particular the "on use" category). While there is a policy of not itemising everything perfectly, how do you feel when you end up making gear that ends up totally obseleted?
How far are you willing to go with the armor model re-hashing? Some of next PvP season's armor models are just the current armor sets with slight modifications and new colors. We'd like to see something new.
As it currently stands, staves are a very poor choice- assuming equal itemisation, a 1h and an offhand will always beat a stave in terms of effective stats. Do you currently have any plans to equalise the stat discrepancy between the two?
Many people would like to be able to equip racial iconic weapons, such as Night elven glaives and Tauren totemic weapons. Are there any plans to further implement them into the game, such as via archaeology or by argent tournament-esque faction specific aquisition?
Are there any plans for a vanity gear slot? It's been suggested numerous times on the forums and recieved alot of positive and approving responses.
armor and weapons
Why does all the gear look the same? from 80-85 all my gear looked the same?!
started do some pvp and it still look the same, honor gear looks the same as conquest and glory counqest gear, i dont realy think i look more gloriouse in a violet gear then a blue one.(boring)
is this just laziness?
While it is of course data mined information it appears that even more randomly enchanted items are to be placed into the game.

At least within my guild we have found this system to be a slight annoyance at best and at worst a complete pain, the items with the "correct" stats are firstly very rare and secondly sought after by a large amount of people which for a guild that is currently only working to complete our gear sets in time for Firelands, leaves everyone feeling pretty dejected when once again the correct item does not drop.

So, to my question, do the developers feel that randomly enchanted items are currently a positive aspect of raiding content and if so, will you be doing anything to streamline the system for them?

A popular request from the forums seems to be strength polearms. While the commonly suggested response appears to be "titan's grip doesn't work for polearms", is there a better reason considering that there are weapons that even fewer specs can equip, such as agility swords?
When will we, kittens bears and moonkins, be able to show our cool gear in raids?
Also, about how to make a ledgendary for agi users.
Why not a super insane questchain like shadowmourne and the rewads could be a dagger for Enhancement Shamans and Rogues, A staff for Hunters and Druids (both bear and kitten)?

I'm trying to level a couple of characters and i face some gear, both PvP and PvE tiers, with *totally useless* stats, because they no longer provide benefits for their respective classes. Could you remove Spirit from old Mage and Warlock sets, and Agility from old Warrior sets? You've already done it to Intellect for Hunters sets in a previous patch.

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