Frost Mage Basics - Frozen Target with Fingers of Frost

Hi, I was wondering what the best approach is to handling the situation where your target is frozen and you have Fingers of Frost up. I was initially using Ice Lance then realised that I'm surely wasting a FoF charge - so, I've changed to using a Frostbolt to break the freeze then Ice Lance for each FoF charge I have.

Is this the right approach? I find the problem with this though is that my Water Elemental often beats me to the punch at breaking the freeze, greatly reducing the damage done to the target. How do people manage this?

Thanks in advance,

- Nakal
The elemental tends to break the novas for lower health targets (nova durability is based on target max health), but I suppose you could glyph the nova to alleviate the problem a bit while leveling. On meaningful targets at level 85, this isn't really a problem even without the glyph.

Even if the nova breaks before you get your frostbolt off, you haven't wasted the fingers of frost, so it's usually better than casting an ice lance right away.

You could use a deep freeze instead (either right away or combed with a frostbolt) and then do two frostbolts and an ice lance. There's a good chance you'll get a new fingers of frost proc from the two frostbolts, so the lance might gain the extra FoF bonus.
Yeah you should learn to optimize. Usually its better to spam frostbolt until nova breaks, since by chaincasting you get some of the cast done while they are still rooted. Same applies even better to deep freeze.
OK, I see. Thank you very much, that's helpful. I tried the Frost Nova glyph last night and it doesn't seem to help, but you're right - it only seems to be a problem with enemies I have no problem killing anyway, so it's not really an issue.

Yes, I have to queue spells constantly as my internet connection isn't brilliant - I installed the Castbars addon and my DPS more than doubled! They should make it much clearer in-game that you can start casting before your current cast finishes. I wondered why my mana never really went down!


- Nakal
Im not good at pvp, but you could consider this:
Frosbolt to break nova (will surely crit)
Throw first FoF with icelance once broken.
Deep Freeze right after.
Frostbolt and Lance during flytime (shatter combo)

Win or fail?
I looked up the shatter combo, I think I now see what you mean, Vedi, by optimize. I know the length of the freeze time and of my casts / cooldowns so I need to pick what will do the most damage in the amount of time given.

The page I found about the shatter combo says that the state of the target when the spell is cast, not when it hits the target, is what's used. So, following a Frost Bolt with an Ice Lance could get the Ice Lance frozen target benefit if it's sufficently far away. Very interesting! I think I'll swap to the Blink glyph for that extra range.

Thanks for all the info,

- Nakal

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