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Update: Thank you all for your questions and votes! Look out for the answers soon!

Welcome to the World of Warcraft Developer Global Q&A. In this thread we'll be collecting questions from you to have answered by our developers. We'll be asking for your question each time a new Q&A Questions thread goes up, having the community vote on them, and posting the answers we receive approximately one week later.

Status: LOCKED - Thanks for your questions and votes everyone!

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Would you be considering to add account-wide achievements. If so, what could we expect from them?
Could we maybe get Class specific achievements? such as:
"Push 10 players of the LM cliff using Typhoon"
-->Tsuteymanga has earned the achievement "You go cliff-dive, i don't wanna" (druid)

"Transform 10 taurens into sheeps"
-->Minisizemage has earned the achievement "I dont like beef, gimme lamb instead" (mage)

"Use Hellfire to kill yourself 10 times
-->Misslock has earned the achievement "Stood in the fire......for too long" (warlock)

would be fun ey?
will we ever be able to spent our achievement points on something? or will there be a feature where it will be required to have x amount of points?
Will there be a way to get the Bloodsail Bucaneers and the Steamwheedle Cartel to exalted then do the quest achivements without ruining our reputation? Also is the rumour about a change to Steamwheedle Cartel quests not lowering you're Bloodsail reputation true?
Will the achievements for Thunderfuy and warglaives etc ever gonna be changed to obtain them, instead of equip them?
will there be an achievement for 55 exalted factions and up, preferably with a cool title to show of the dedication or a nice mount where all the factions chipped in to get it for you

(picked 55, which seems to me a nice number. 50 is tiny bit too easy to reach imo)
Are we going to see more PvP achievements that reward mounts? Currently most of the cool mounts are awarded for PvE achievements.
Would you comsider makeing a title for haveing X amount of titles? Would be awesome to have the title "Of many titles" or something like that. For us title farmers :)
Are there any plans to allow achievements to be swapped between characters somehow?
Are there any future plans to add a title such as "the achiever" (or another cosmetic reward) for players who have have a high number of achievement points? (I'm thinking around 12k+)
I just want to ask, Are we going to see Class specific Achievements on the future?
Like 3v3's High Rated Paladin - With title maybe?
Or we can get it on PvE somehow..
Like Class Specific Titles with Achievements..
Will you ever think of making more achievements for "crash-courses" like the Azshara quests (Glutton for Icy Punishment etc) ?
What ideas have you come up with to make account-wide achievements feasible?
How come there's no additional title for people who have completed all achievements in the new (and old) Battlegrounds ? Something like "High Battlemaster" would be nice :p
Is there going to be a new "collect x amount of mounts" achievement?
What are your thoughts about the 250 000 honorable kills achievement? Are you satisfied, or do you think it was too high a limit?
will the achievement drakes from naxxramas ever make a comeback?
Do you plan to add statistics for Cataclysm content in the achievement UI?
Currently that section is sadly totally empty.
Do you have any intentions on making the "The conqueror" or "The Justicar" achievments just a tiny bit easier? As it is now, farming the reputation with The Defilers and the Warsong outriders it willl take estimately 30 days played time to earn those, whereas the reputation with the Frostwolf clan is alot easier.

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