Rogue - Shadowdance Stance macro (Kick/Garrote)

Interface and Macros
So, I want a macro which allows me to shadowstep to focus, and kick the focus if I hit it again.

This is simple though, but here comes the problem:

I want it to Garrote focus if I'm in Shadowdance, how do I make it do that?
/castsequence [@focus,nostance] Shadowstep, Kick; [@focus,stance:1] Garrote
Might work?
I don't have a rogue, so I cannot test it.
I'll test it now, thanks for trying!

Without Shadow Dance it Shadowsteps, and kicks... And works perfectly, but when I enter Shadow Dance and try, it doesn't Shadowstep nor Garrote :(
Discomanco's macro will do what you asked for in your opening post with one change, shadowstep is stance:3, not stance:1 IIRC. However, since you now also wants shadowstep while in shadow dance I suggest you try this:

/castsequence [@focus,noform]Shadowstep,Kick;[@focus]Shadowstep,Garrote

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