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This is a bug I tried to report here during Cata beta, and again after 4.0 went live when there was a specific thread for 4.0 related issues, and then again to a GM in game, however this bug is still in the game and is breaking some of the functionality of the mod I develop, so trying to get this bug reported once again.

Basically, since 4.0+ the RAID filter for UnitAura() no longer works properly, and filters out many buffs which used to be fine pre-Cata.

A simple way to show this issue is with some in game debugging, where I have Blessing of Might on my character :

[19:43:44] Dump: value=UnitAura("player", 2)
[19:43:44] [1]="Blessing of Might",
[19:43:44] [2]="",
[19:43:44] [3]="Interface\\Icons\\Spell_Holy_GreaterBlessingofKings",
[19:43:44] [4]=0,
[19:43:44] [5]="Magic",
[19:43:44] [6]=3600,
[19:43:44] [7]=47367.539,
[19:43:44] [8]="player",
[19:43:44] [10]=1,
[19:43:44] [11]=79102,
[19:43:44] [12]=false

I then specify the RAID parameter, which should only filter out buffs that I am unable to cast on raid members (this used to return the same as above, pre Cata):

[19:44:06] Dump: value=UnitAura("player", 2, "RAID")
[19:44:06] empty result

And then, to show that the buff is still there and that the RAID value is valid, and is doing the filtering, I just try a non-valid value :

[19:44:22] Dump: value=UnitAura("player", 2, "ASDF")
[19:44:22] [1]="Blessing of Might",
[19:44:22] [2]="",
[19:44:22] [3]="Interface\\Icons\\Spell_Holy_GreaterBlessingofKings",
[19:44:22] [4]=0,
[19:44:22] [5]="Magic",
[19:44:22] [6]=3600,
[19:44:22] [7]=47367.539,
[19:44:22] [8]="player",
[19:44:22] [10]=1,
[19:44:22] [11]=79102,
[19:44:22] [12]=false

Can we get this bug fixed? I have been trying to report it with no luck for months now, and not only breaks my mod, but also is affecting the [Buffs and Debuffs]->[Castable Buffs] interface option with the standard blizzard frames.
This issue still exists in 4.2, some 8 months after I first noticed it in Cata beta. I can't see that this issue is going to get resolved any time soon, or even at all, since I can't even seem to get Blizzard to look into it.

I can't imagine that the 'RAID' filter option has been changed like this on purpose, but whether it has or not, can anyone suggest a different way of returning whether a buff on any friendly target is castable by this player?

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