Why didn't i know lvl1 Warriors can wear Plate Heirloom

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I think i just lost a big amout of Justice Points.

I am not new to World of Warcraft. I started playing whem Heirlooms didn't even exist. Started with a Warrior. Played in Mail armor and at lvl40 in nice Plate armor.

After a long brake of playing WoW. I started al over with a new Druid. Yesterday i thought let's make a new Warrior Character. Give him some Heirlooms and start quick leveling again. I bought Mail Heirlooms, as i know Warrior can't wear Plate until lvl40.

A little exited about my first Heirlooms, I told my colleague about it. And my smile disappeared when he told me, lvl1 Warrior CAN wear Plate Heirlooms.
Turning back the item within 24ours was his answer. But that not possible, because you can trade them within 2ours. BUT, you will gues, sleeping, waking up, take a shower and go to work, wouldn't go in 2ours.

I opened a ticket this morning. And the answers did not make me happy. The GM cane not trade the items for me. I expected it, it would be crazy helping people who bought the wrong items.

BUT: Why didn't i know lvl1 Warriors can wear Plate Heirlooms???
It's not written in the Game guide on this website. There is no explanation ingame about this.
Technically they can't.

The plate heirlooms are classified as "mail" when transferred to a character below level 40, that hasn't learned the "plate" skill yet.
For example Polished Spaulders of Valor's in-game tooltip, it says:

Requires Level 1-80

The Plate will though, be turned into Mail when you transfer it to a character under level 40.

If you had no idea though, you could always have asked before you bought it, as all Heirlooms are supposed to be useable at level 1, and it would be weird then that they wouldn't be available before level 40, right?
Without sounding horrible did the stats not jump out at you and make you think this is not right? Why would a warrior ever want agility or intellect? Unless im mistaken that is mall they offer on mail items.

I would try a new ticket and explain in detail what happened as another GM may change them for you. You need to convince them that your not just trying to swap heirlooms to save JPs so no easy task as that is how it looks.

Lesson learnt.
I agree with Mr.Troll here (Sorry, but couldn't resist that name).

You should put up a new ticket and explain in details... kind of... what happened, and that you just want to save those JPs...

Too bad I didn't think about that when I bought Warrior Looms on Moonglade, just to make the Warrior here on AD
thanks for that i was just about to buy some mail heriloom life saver
I agree it's confusing. I think they should add a flavor text, much like;


for example.
It's one of the many things that are not written in game but you're supposed to know to play effectively - like knowing tactics for bosses in heroics. You're supposed to do research before using your JP.
Erm... well, when you hover over the item tooltip it gives you the stats at your current level, and the stats at level 1.

Also, necro!
09/04/2011 08:53Posted by Zalandar
Lesson learnt.

indeed, its called learning curve. Either way 1 or 2 hours of grinding should correct that mistake so no harm done.

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