Bind on Account Gear

The implication of the new "Bind on Account" items, does this imply that this will allow items to be sent cross region?

i.e. I have a US and a EU account (same, will I be able to mail the items from my US based account to my EU account?
They don't even have cross server and they would never do cross region.
Recent findings on PTR suggest otherwise (with the incoming 4.1, although patch notes do not have notes included on this), it would be very nice if this was made available.

Dottie is correct, the regions (EU&US) do not share databases. Therefore whatever BoBnetAccount items bring, it will not be cross region.
Ok thanks, can only live in hope ;)
You specificly said that dottie is correct and it wont be cross region, does that mean it will be possible to get it cross realms?
Since you didnt say anything about that.
You specificly said that dottie is correct and it wont be cross region, does that mean it will be possible to get it cross realms?
Since you didnt say anything about that.

In some ways I did deliberately dodge that part as I can only really impart my personal understanding of how this new classification will work.

Wryxian's post (below) confirms that cross realm heirlooms would be a feature they would like, but there is no current commitment to introduce a mechanic to do so, this is a fairly recent post too. So whilst there is going to be a new classification of "Bind on Account" items, I don't personally believe that heirlooms are part of this classification. it is more likely going to be pets/mounts etc. Again, this is my own understanding but there is certainly no evidence to suggest that I am wrong.

Cross Realm Heirlooms
(Posted by Wryxian)

After a bit of investigation, it seems that though sending heirlooms across realms might well be something we'd like to consider doing at some point, there's currently no immediate plans to make the necessary changes to allow this to be possible.

This is not, as some claim in this thread, because we're wanting to encourage people to use paid Character Transfers to be able to transfer heirlooms to characters on other realms. It's unfortunate that this remains the only way players can achieve this and we would like to look into possibly changing this once priorities and schedules allow.

In the meantime, however, the generally reasonable length of time needed to level up through the newly remade lower level zones (especially if combined with guild perks and the extra experience boost you can get from running through dungeons as well) should be more than sufficient to get your characters on other realms to a higher level without an unreasonable investment of time, and probably also with a decent portion of fun.

Well thanks for the feedback.

But what I was thinking, its called BoA(bind on account) at this time.
but if my character is on a different realm, it is still on the same account, so according to the binding description it would be a very logical feature.

I really look forward to this feature, if this will come.
anyhow thanks again for the feedback :)
I think that the BoBnA is for bought pets/mounts and others like it.
For example the lil pet series, the celestial mount, chilly.
Might be just me misunderstanding it though.
I have 2 EU accounts in one account and does anyone know if transferring heirlooms between them is going to be available soon?

I have characters on the same server on each so I am not asking about cross server transfers but characters on the same server.
iirc it will be in the next patch. You will be able to send boa items to any account on your battlenet account, provided the characters are on the same realm. They do not have to be the same faction though.

Basicaly the next patch is Blizzards 'we love multiboxers' patch, guess they want to encourage more people to try it. Ofcourse it will also benefit those people who have seperate wow accounts for their children, although I firmly believe this patch is aimed at the multiboxers. It will make leveling up a five man box team even easier.
I don't multibox but I do have 2 accounts and it would benefit me as I love levelling characters and once they get to a high level can't seem to delete them.

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