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Hello fellow WoW players! I wrote this guide for Altoholics like myself or just people who want to create a new character after one of their previous character reached 85 and haven't discovered heirlooms yet.

What are Heirlooms?

Heirloom is an item type that was introduced with Wrath of the Lich King. The items have a golden hue in their text color, and their attributes scale with the character's level. Nearly all heirloom items are named after popular items from the early days of Classic WoW, and share the look of these items.

Like the above quotation states, heirlooms were first introduced at the beginning of Wrath. They are arguably the strongest pre-80 items you can get. They scale to blue items at your level; so the stronger you get, the stronger the heirlooms get. I once read and agree with the statement "Heirlooms are Blizzard's way of saying thank you for playing the game from level 1 to level 85."

What type of Heirlooms do you get?

You get 2 types, PVE (Player-versus-environment) and PVP (Player-versus-player); each giving stats that gives you a performance boost for the respective type. Divided up between PVE and PVP, you get head/helm, shoulders, back/cloak, chestpieces, weapons, trinkets and coming soon rings. The PVP heirloom spread is more restricted than PVE as you only get shoulders, weapons and trinket PVP heirlooms were the rest of the pieces are exclusive to PVE.

Why should I get Heirlooms?

If you plan to level an alt/s, Heirlooms makes your life easier. You will be able to survive almost everything on your level and on a plus side, Armor Heirlooms give xp boosts, head, shoulders and chest Heirlooms each gives 10% extra xp and cloaks give 5% extra xp and they stack with each other, giving a grand total 35% extra xp (plus the guild perks).

How do I get Heirlooms?

There is one universal way, hard work. Reaching 85 (or atleast 80) is the first hurdle and after that you have to start farming the required resources. PVP heirlooms (weapons, shoulders and trinkets) are bought with Honor Points; to get Honor points, you have to do PVP (Random battlegrounds and such. Duels don't count). PVE heirlooms (weapons, shoulders, chestpieces and trinkets) are bought with Justice points; to get Justice points, you will have to do Heroic instances. To get cloaks and helm heirlooms, you have to join a level 20 guild and earn honoured reputation, after that, guild heirlooms cost gold. You can also use Champion's Seals which you can get from the Argent Tournament in Northrend, which you primarly get by doing daily quests. Champion's seals can be used instead of Justice points.

For more info on heirloom "currency" see:

My 85 is Horde but I want to level an Alliance character.

Have no fear, heirlooms don't know faction, you can send them to any your toons in the opposite faction, as long as they are on the same realm. You can NOT however send them to a different account because they are account bound.

How much do Heirlooms cost?

Most armor and one-handed weapons cost 2175 Honor/Justice points per item and the most expensive (which are ranged and two-handed weapons) cost 3500 points per item. The cheapest guild heirlooms are the cloaks which go for 1200 gold per cloak and helms cost 1500 gold per helm.

I want to roll a Warrior/Paladin or Shaman/Hunter, what armor should I buy?

Always the strongest armor your class can wear. Warriors and Paladins can only wear mail until level 40 then they can wear plate and it is the same for Shamans and Hunters who begin with leather and get mail later on. Don't buy mail for a Warrior or a Paladin, get them the plate heirlooms; if he cannot wear plate yet, the armor will scale down to mail and will become plate when you learn it from the trainer. Buy mail for Shamans and Hunters, pre-40, it will be considered leather armor until they learn to wear mail. This doesn't work for druids, rogues and the cloth classes; if you have a rogue, buy the leather heirlooms; if you have a mage, buy the cloth heirlooms.
I want to buy for lots of different classes, what do I do?

Tips for Early Purchasing
If you're thrifty and plan to level several alts, aim for gear many different classes can use even if the gear might be not be optimal for all of them. This is especially important since enchants for such gear tend to go for high prices on auction houses. For example, spell shoulders and spell staffs are popular heirlooms since nearly all classes that use mana can find some use for them compared to stuff like paladin-specific spellplate. Similarly, shoulders of any kind should take preference over weapons, the former for their experience boost (even if it creates suboptimal stats) while the latter are mostly a convenience to the player with the exception of gear-dependent tanks.

How do I know which Heirlooms are useful to my class?

Take a look at this: http://www.wowpedia.org/Heirloom. It will give you some info on heirlooms and show which classes benefit the most from a certain item.

Will I ever need a different item if I have the heirlooms for it?

Yes and no; between level 1 and 80, Heirlooms will always be the better choice but they will stop improving when you go past 80 and you will lose the xp boost. Once you’re nearing 81, start looking for epic Wrath or Cataclysm gear.

Help! I get bored and distracted with a class before I can reach 85!

That use to happen to me, but after getting grilled by other players to stick with one character and buy my first Heirlooms; and I'm glad I listened to them. For those of you who face this dilemma, stick to one race/class you like the most, push forward and be patient and after that, profit!

Help! My points reached 4000 and I'm not getting anymore!

Honor and Justice points are individually hard capped at 4000, once you reach 4000, you will stop getting more points and instead receive some silver per point.

I want to do PVE/PVP but I only have PVP/PVE Heirlooms, can I still do it?

I see nothing wrong with doing PVP with PVE heirlooms and vice versa. If you only bought PVE heirlooms but want to do some PVP then do it.

Should I delete my Heirlooms when my character is past 80?

Hell no! Keep them in your bank. You might one day get the craving to level a new character; if you deleted the heirlooms then you have to start farming again. If you kept them, just send them to your new toon.

Heirlooms are ruining low-level PVP, nerf them!

As I said in another thread, Blizzard will NOT nerf Heirlooms, those players worked hard for them. Just avoid them if you're not wearing heirlooms. I can imagine that you will get people posting while their main is level 10 demanding that Blizzard nerf heirlooms, and then after they did it, that player will come back, now level 85, demanding that they be buffed; and that's not fair.

Thanks for reading and see you in the game!
That's a neat guide, Cohollan! Keep it up :)

I'll add this guide to the Helpful Newcomer Reading sticky atop this forum.
You might want to mention the Argent Tournament. Its a bit of a grind, but you don't need to be level 85 or to spend Justice points to gain Heirlooms through it.
12/04/2011 15:43Posted by Duskhoof
You might want to mention the Argent Tournament. Its a bit of a grind, but you don't need to be level 85 or to spend Justice points to gain Heirlooms through it.

Thanks guys, and I added champion's seals.
Yea, good point. I got a lot of my Heirlooms from the Argent Tournament and it is a grind. It meant you could get your hands on heirlooms by doing the dailies & subsequently dungeons.

I don't know if the place is still popular now as it was before Cata. The old 'LFM for TFA' and the other dalies bring back memories.
Something you should also mention are the EXP rings you get from one of the fishing competitions; they give crit and 5% extra exp, if I am not wrong, and they stack too, so the theoretical maximum yield is 45% extra exp. Of course, getting even 1 needs some work, let alone 2, so they are not something you might want to get unless you got the time.
This guide was really useful to me. I know this is an old thread but I just found by looking up heirlooms on google. Appriciate it! <3
You said that you have to be 80-85 to get heirlooms.

On my first char ever (undead rogue) i played a lot of random battlegrounds and i got the pvp shoulders. It takes time but it was totally worth it :D

And btw great guide

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