where to farm greater/lesser nether essence

am busy leveling up enchanting and i need a few of these, am a firm beliver in farming my own stuff, so looking for tips on where to get this from.
it disenchants from greens with an item level of 41-47 ish, i am busy farming 1 mob at the minute that has a timer of 80 second he drops 1 green every kill, however a dungeon of this level maybe more lucrative.....where should i go
Lesser Nether Essence is from ilvl 41-45, Greater nether essence is from ilvl 46-50, with weapons having a higher drop rate than armor.


Normally a mob drops items with an itemlevel around its own level, so Zul'Farrak / Stratholme would be places to try. Remember to loot everything and sell valuable stuff, or else it would most likely be better to just buy from AH. In the end, buying from AH after getting gold the best way you can will most likely be the most effective way of getting something.
Go inside the ZF dungeon and farm, having an offline member in raid(your alt ex) or friend in party to make you able to use the roll dissenchant system is better then having to manually de all items.

So make portal to dala then take the portal from there to tanaris and fly to ZF.

Another good way is to buying green items around that itemlvl you need from ah if they are cheap and DE.
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