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Update: Thank you all for your questions and votes! Look out for the answers soon!

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The guild perks system makes it unnaturally hard to start a new guild, since a guild without all perks is at an obvious disadvantage in recruitment.

In addition, it rewards just recruiting random people (who might only care about the perks) to get guild XP.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Why did you design such a system?
What are your thoughts about people 'selling' their acquisition of legendary items, or difficult reputations, or other hard-to-obtain criteria for guild achievements? For example, paying money to somebody with Shadowmourne to join a guild simply to earn the related achievement. Is this something you want to try and prevent?
What was your thought behind the various Guild Perks?
When will you fix or improve guild reputations section? I mean in my guild we are currently 54/55 Exalted to get United Nations but we have no clue what reputation are we missing nor who got which reputation. Can you please add a section regarding to that?
Will quests reward money rather than Guild-XP when your guild is at maximum level, or did you have something else in mind?
Do you have any plans in making it available to farm guild reputation by playing random battlegrounds?
Do you have any thought about giving some sort of reward(title, pet, achiv) for being a long term(veteran) member of a Guild?
18/04/2011 15:34Posted by Yakata
Do you have any plans in making it available to farm guild reputation by playing random battlegrounds?
i thought this was coming in 4.1?
how are you going to improve the guild recruitment system, as stated before it's extremely hard for a starting guild to settle down and recruit because the first thing people ask is.. What Level are you. will there be any way to fix this?
Why is the current system so punishing for PvP guilds compared to PvE guilds? While patch 4.1 will remedy this to a certain degree, I'm not sure if it will be enough.
How did you decide upon the various Guild Perks and the Guild Challenges which are coming?
is there in the future of catacylsm the level cap of guild leveling going to be raised to allow more perks and is the new heirlooms e.i the rings and legs going in the guild leveling or is it going to be via JP.
Are there any plans to make it easier for new guilds to start off, as many players will tend to just join higher level guilds, with all the perks, than those that are just starting off, and will have very few, if any perks?
18/04/2011 15:41Posted by Shagina
Why is the current system so punishing for PvP guilds compared to PvE guilds? While patch 4.1 will remedy this to a certain degree, I'm not sure if it will be enough.

The amount of guild experience rewarded for rated Battleground guild group wins has been dramatically increased.
Players are now rewarded guild experience for Honorable Kills in the field.
Players are now rewarded guild experience for Battleground wins in Battleground brackets up to level 80.
Arena teams are now awarded guild experience for wins. The entire team must be members of the same guild to earn this experience.
Are you going to add levels beyond 25?
Why is there a daily cap on guild xp, and not a weekly cap?

Feeling the need to do run random heroics on days we do progression raiding seems wrong, ontop of that after killing ODS heroic on wednesday, all the other farm we do is wasted XP for that day cause we are already capped.
Any plans to implement a raid-points system for guilds for fair loot sharing?


Are you planning to add more guild perk spells;like the current Mass resurrection, Have group will travel and Mobile banking? Because these spells are cool and very useful.


What about some mini-games for higher level guilds? I have an PvE boss arena in mind like we had in the argent tournament. We have to fight with funny weapons (like fish! or a nerfbat) against the avatars (read: pinata forms) of various infamous bosses in the game. With delicious loot as a result! Sounds fun, no?

Do you have any plans to introduce guild statistics along side guild achievements. At this moment some guild achieves (like Now That's Teamwork) are quite good to verify if a guild is actually active in pvp / pve.
What I'm wondering is if there would ever be some sort of 'remedy' for RP guilds to catch up with PvE guilds. After all, some RP guilds could benefit from the guild mounts.

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