Where does/did your character live? (Cataclysm edition)

There was a thread before Cataclysm about where your character lives, but as we can now see a lot has changed, especially if you live on the two continents Kalimdor and eastern Kingdoms

Since the Cataclysm a lot of things have changed, have your characters’ home been destroyed, have creatures moved in to your area forcing you to move, is your move even existent since cataclysm, or is everything pretty much unchanged?

Where does your character live?

Ehm... Rithrynn doesn't really have a home, being gone so much, she's... uhm...

More like living with her mom and dad in Darnassus.
Well... Mitram has no home either.
After Southshore got pretty much destroyed by the Forsaken he now lives where ever his Company is! ( Which is mostly the Westbrook garrison )
My home is still in Loch Modan! Although I spend most of my time on Ironforge Library and eventually sleep on Explorer's League H.Q.
Sav sleeps rough quite a lot, or in inns. But he does have a very small place of his own in Orgrimmar.
My characters live nowhere as there are no homes in WoW and even in the cities or towns every house that actually is open pretty much ahs npcs in it. So yeah ... perhaps a tent or a rabbithole somewhere.
My rogue has a room at the Inn within Stormwind. Vadrin travels, but currently sleeps either in SW or Deadwind in his tent.
Where I lay my head is home.
Home is where my HS is, and I always forget it there. Damn these long walks...
Jevram lives in a crypt. Forsaken: What do you expect
Lakaz used to live in raven hill. That house got burnt down. He then lived in shadowmoon valley. That house got blown up. He now lives in kirthaven. I suspect that one will end up being destroyed also.
After the defeat of the Lich King, Barlowe returned from Northrend and petitioned old contacts in the Republican movement who drummed up enough money for him to purchase a small plot of land in Amberstill, Dun Morogh, where he established his doctor's surgery. He often rented an attic room in the Golden Keg at Stormwind, so that he'd have somewhere to crash when treating the large number of patients who lived in the City. But he kept only basic medicines there and nothing else of importance - he did not want to expose himself to Stormwind's unrestricted (on our server) warrantless search-and-seizure laws.

That surgery still exists, locked up, snowed in and intermittently watched over by an old friend who does business in Ironforge. But right now, Barlowe sleeps wherever the Gilnean freedom fighters lay their bedrolls. He has some choice in this, having assumed acting leadership through an unlikely series of events, but right now they're staying put in the sheltering hollow of Tal'doren - the birthplace of the first wave of Gilnean resistance, and now the crucible of the second.

The Partisans have their eyes on the warm beds of Stormglen, but there are some napping Forsaken who will have to be thrown out first.

Of my other unplayed characters: Arthur Buckley calls a prison cell his home after the chaos of the Cataclysm forced him to go on the road as an itinerant preacher; Hembraldt Stormpipe sleeps in whatever backwater barracks to which his old regiment has been relegated; Dr. Fenn Gordon Hallin is supervising the young sparks of local science in reconstructing and re-equipping his off-shore lighthouse laboratory in Westfall after it was almost destroyed by a giant wave.
Selthiras has his own very small quarters in the Ebon Hold in which he stays when on official business. He also revisits his old order's headquarters in the ruins of Silvermoon from time to time.
whenever his allies will lend him a blanket and some space. that or on the road.
Under a bridge, from where he has easy acces to the blood of children wanting to cross over it!

Nawh. Varethas "lives" in Acherus: The Ebon Hold.

He frequents both the Undercity and Silvermoon quite often as well, but he would sooner loose an arm than spend the night in either city. :P
Mordonis stays in the silvermoon city inn in murder row, since it's almost abandoned.
Well, Cryptsleeper lives in Dalaran, and is pretty much unaware of the destruction Deathwing has spread. His favorite spot in town is the wonderworks. But that's a secret. Some time ago, he used to live in undercity, but was disghusted by the Orc's constant surveilance and Putris' treachery.
A wild and free hunter, Reci sleeps where the hunt can be found! Often in tents or even on areas of relative safety, not always in Cities and towns!

Recently, he has taken up a more demanding job as a Animal master and guardsman of the Dieudonne Seal, meaning he often sleeps near the residence of the House.
Ahh, I was expecting yo- This.

Tsaran Sunstomp's home lies on the edge of Feralas at the top of the mountains, which overlook Mulgore. There he has a small lake, with a Canoo for fishing, a camp fire, a tent, and a small stable for his faithful Kodo, Drutha.

(Really, this place exists, I was a little shocked to find it whislt questing in the area, to my surprise it's also NPC-Free :) The lake is fairly large, and there are alot of Hippogryphs down below in Feralas, providing meat and feathers for his food and bed. Check this place out yourself, it's very neat, it's at the top of the mountains directly south of Mulgore)

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