Mobile Authenticator for Samsung Wave?

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Is it possible to get a Mobile Authenticator for Samsung Wave GT-S8500?
I've checked a list( that tells you which mobile phones support Blizzard wallpapers, ringtones and authenticators....and my phone isnt in the list...considering is quite a new phone (probably 1 year max?) may it be that it hasnt been listed yet, but i can download an authenticator for a phone that is compatible with mine?
We are constantly trying to make the mobile authenticator available for more phones for easier accessibility for players. For now though Moonlily, I am afraid the only advice I can give is to keep checking the list and see if it updates to include your phone. If you are not sure if the mobile authenticator works, then it may be better to try and get a physical token for now.
I am kind of stuck in the same boat here . my mobile is a samsung wave s8500, thats not on the current list. and the token does not ship out to south africa
Find a mate or relative in a country that they do ship to?
it would be great if you could add a app to the wave GT series in the near feature!
same problem...
1. Don't necro threads.
2. All mobile authenticators other than those for iOS and Android have been long since discontinued.

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