RP name for Night Elf Druid...?

I need an RP name for the chick, I'm transfering her and the name is taken already on the new realm.

Any ideas?

Thanks. :)

Not that hard.
Hey, Kieora!

I quite like the one you've got already! ^^

But if you'd like to change, I've got two websites I can recommend to you - my creativity is not what it once was!

The first is:
http://www.wowwiki.com/Darnassian#Night_elf_names - This will explain how Night Elves are named, might prove as a source of inspiration!

If you're still lost for ideas, you can use this site:
http://wow.wolfdragon.net/panda-wow-name-generator/ - This generates random character RP names; and has been a source of inspiration for many of mine!

Hope this helped!


P.s. :
28/04/2011 18:22Posted by Ephitos
Not that hard.

A name will always be with you!.. Unless you name change, of course! ^^
Choose wisely now: I know for me, it was hard to come up with one!
Khiana Talonstorm
Thanks Recian, I went with Liadh in the end. :) Thanks!
Liadh... I actually prefer it! It's really Darnassian - an excellent decision!

Glad I could help, have fun RPing!

It doesn't say her name changed though? ...Maybe didn't like it in the end I guess.

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