Poseidus Not Spawning?

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Heya! I'm hesitant to post this in Customer Support, but it seems more appropriate than General as it's a possible bug.

The rare Vashj'ir mob Poseidus was meant to, as of 4.1 patch, drop a BoE mount. As far as I know, it was working as intended on the PTR. Now, however, it simply isn't spawning.

All of the Wowhead & mount site comments I've seen state that even on realms where all spawn points are being camped 24/7, the mount has not been sighted. Websites which track AH auctions across all realms haven't seen the mount on AH, and no Wowhead data has been updated to show the reins being looted at all.

Now, if the rare mob now had a spawn timer similar to the world bosses, it should have spawned by now regardless. Kills on those mobs have already been reported. But this fellow is just MIA.

So, if we could get an official reply for all us mount-campers out there, so we know we aren't sitting here not sleeping for no reason, it would be much appreciated!

* Does Poseidus spawn on Live?
* Are his spawn points changed?
* Is his spawn timer changed?

Hehe, we always get questions like this with 'new' rare spawns.

Unfortunately, answering your questions would be offering more information than we are comfortable providing here, but I can tell you that as far as we are aware the mob is functioning as intended and it is a very rare spawn.
All right, thanks very much, shall pass this info on!
Thx for questioning and thx for the half asnwere. As long as i know that he spawns correctly i will camp him untill i die :)
03.04 09:55 EU-Nefarian^^ I have it yessssss
03.04 09:55 EU-Nefarian^^ I have it yessssss

i dont like you :)
Many congratulations upon your good self Blutonius!
Got him and his sea pony today.
Now I just can't decide what to do with it.
Also got it today, its slower than the quest reward mount so not much use. 270% vs 370% in Vashj'ir and 100% in other areas. The tooltip says speed aint improved with talents but in with Beastmastery Pathfinding its 108% instead of 100%.

Any chance with could get a water-jet system fitted to the horse?

Btw, don't forget to check out the Underlight Canyon if you are looking for it yourself.
Got it 10 mins ago in the abyssal depths spot. Recorded it \o\
Hi Blizzard dev team,

the one which have script the respawn algorithm of Poseidus is downright ridiculous. (I'll not be angry with you. ^^) But, what the hell you are thinking? ^^ One Server restart after another. Minimum 72 h waiting... No respawn. Only a new Server restart. ^^ You will really fool us.

Love that game. And it's my first time camping of a really rare mob. But sometimes it sucks to run for hours and hours in a 4D circle in Vashj'ir. ^^

Sorry about my english. Kraut, you'll know...

Regards - Idril (EU-Durotan)
Been looking around for 3 days now, not realy ramping. Haven't seen any trace of him. I'm affraid my NPC scan doesn't work properly, cause sometimes when I mouse-over a rare spwn it will give me a warning instead of just flying/swimming/walking by.
some guy is selling it on Vashj EU .. so it's working as intended
Never seen it on my server ;S, been looking for it for a while but unsuccesfull..
Oh, have it and want to sell it :>
Got it when i explored in Vasjh. Guess i had some luck with me.

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