Enable Ipv6 when avilable...it is:(

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is this a bug i cant Enable Ipv6 when avilable
i have it on

Control Panel>Network and Internet>Network Connections>
Wireless Network Connection>Right Click >Properties>

and its On

what to do
Your wireless adapter might support ipv6 but I'm pretty sure your ISP wont have rolled out ipv6 just yet.
ok so how do i make my ISP roll out the IPV6 out
They'll do it in their own time, in fact they've probably been preparing for it for months, its a massive massive task for everyone, not just your ISP, you'll just have to wait it out!
they could say wait...
ok gona wait maybe at patch 4.2
they should do it for me first cuz they love frost mage and am frost mage
It's nothing to worry about, it's simply future proofing.

When it is available on your connection the option will light up and you can switch to it, but you wont notice any significant change.
I have IPV6 and get 10/10 twice and all greens on http://test-ipv6.com/ but i cant select ipv6. Why?
Hi there,

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You can delete the WTF folder to force the game to re-detect your settings, but if you are still unable to use this option you may need to speak to your network provider.

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