Still Young at Hearth? Get broody this Children's Week!

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"As summer approaches and the land renews itself once more, the time draws near for adventurers and heroes to give something back to the innocent victims of the countless ongoing struggles across the various continents… the orphans!
Also known as ‘Week of the Wardens’, Children’s Week is celebrated by both factions alike and affords the most hardened of hearts the opportunity to share a little joy with an even littler person – a task far more daunting than many have faced before, but no one ever said parenting was easy!"

So it’s time again to get ready to run your own mini-tour operation business, ferrying orphans around and showing them the sights in exchange for some all-too-adorable tiny companions of your own to take away as a souvenir. :)

Children’s Week will run from Sunday 1 May 00:01 CEST until 23:59 CEST Saturday 7 May this year, so you’d better get a move on if you’re planning on getting everything done… and we’re not kidding!

There’s No Place Like Home… Cities!
    For those of you aged 10 and above, you can get started by visiting the Orphan Matron in your main factions-specific city – so that’s Orphan Matron Nightingale in Stormwind for members of the Alliance, and Orphan Matron Battlewail in Orgrimmar for members of the Horde.

Venturing Further Out(land)!
    If you’re starting to get on in years and have reached the grand old age of 60, there’s bound to be plenty more things you could show a few impressionable orphans, so why not also head across to Shattrath City and seek out Orphan Matron Mercy?

(C)old Age!
    True veterans aged 70 and above can additionally seek out Orphan Matron Aria in Dalaran for triple the trials and tribulations, and a extra memorable reward companion to boot!

These are just the starting points on your journey of discovery with your orphan friends, and if you enjoy having them around then why not take them with you elsewhere this week? Just keep a hold of your trusty whistles (or pop back to the relevant Orphan Matron if you have any unfortunate accidents!) and you’ll be able to continue leading them astray for the full duration of the week, even after you’ve completed the quests. :)

Been There? Done That?
    Already done your fair share of toddler tours? Tired of volunteering when you’ve already got your own personal menagerie going on?
    Not so fast, Mr. Uncharitable… there are two new companions on offer, one at the end of each faction-specific quest chain, so there’s still a reason to save the children this year no matter how much you’d rather just stay at home or enjoy the new dungeon content!

Minor Queries?

Q: I can’t find my Whistle! What do I dooooooo?!
    A: As mentioned above, assuming it’s not simply hiding somewhere at the bottom of one of your bags, you should be able to return to the Orphan Matron who first gave it to you in order to get another one. :)

Q: Wait a moment, I’ve ended taking the same quest as last year from the Orphan lady in Dalaran – I could’ve sworn I did one before, but she had them both available… and now I’m going to be stuck with the same pet reward all over again. Can you pleeeeeeeease help me get the other pet?
    A: If you’ve already got one of the two Northrend pet rewards learned in your Pet Tab, and are now stuck on the same quest line again, please open an in-game help petition and we’ll do our best to assist you. :)

Q: That’s great and all, but I actually just picked the wrong quest from Orphan Matron Aria – I haven’t done either of them before, but she said big words and I got confused… and now I want the other quest chain. Will you help with this too?
    A: While we’re doing our best to help players who would miss out on an extra pet reward as a result of selecting the wrong quest, if you’ve done neither chain before then unfortunately we won’t be able to intervene.
    They’re both still great additions to any pet collection though, and we’re sure you’ll want to catch ‘em all in the end anyway. ;)

Q: I’m using the Archaeology Hearthstone, The Innkeeper's Daughter, and I’m not gaining credit for the achievement ‘Home Alone’… Help?
    A: Unfortunately that will be the case, and you’ll need to specifically use your Hearthstone in order to be properly awarded credit for this particular achievement.

Q: But wait, I got rid of my old HS – am I totally stuck now?!
    A: No, thankfully you shouldn’t be. If you definitely don’t have a Hearthstone at all anymore (check your bank and bags first!), you should be able to speak to an Innkeeper in any location and, by setting your home location to that particular inn, obtain a new standard Hearthstone once more. :)
    Just don’t forget that’ll be the location for all your hearthing needs now, so don’t just pick a random one! >.<
I assaulted the West Frostwolf Tower with my orphan out yet did not receive the achievement credit for it. Am I missing something? Or is the definition of 'assaulting' different than recapping the flag in this instance?

Edit: I got it in my second try - but during AV another player reported a simillar glitch so there does seem to be some issue here.. presuming the issue is not forgeting your orphan ^^
I went to Shattrath to get the chain quest from the Draenei Orphan, I got the whistle but she is not giving me any quests? :(

I just need "Willy" for my "Veteran Nanny" achievement and I'm really gutted that I won't be able to get it now..

Same. Also didnt get any quest after i did You scream i scream. It sucks :(
Using the innkeeper's daughter (the archeology HS) doesnt give credit for "home alone". regular HS does.
Using the innkeeper's daughter (the archeology HS) doesn't give credit for "home alone". regular HS does

Same issue here, plus i am unable to get a regular hearth stone from the in keeper (i guess i would have to delete the innkeeper's daughter or wait for a fix ).
Gwiazdooka, thanks for the report – we’ll look into that one, just in case. :)

Caitlin and Muttley, if you’re having issues getting any of the quests and you’ve yet to do so, please open an in-game help petition so that a member of our support team can hopefully assist you further. :)

Keenuy, you’re quite correct and we’ll be adding a related extra Q&A to the main body of the sticky shortly – thanks for the report!

Journeyman, you should actually find you’re able to pick up a new standard Hearthstone if you speak to an Innkeeper to set your home location anew. :)

If for whatever reason this doesn’t work for you, please don’t hesitate to open a ticket for further advice from our in-game team, and I’ll be adding some more details to the sticky accordingly.
Im having the same problem as Caitlin and Muttley, I've got the whistle but the quests aren't shown, had a similar problem with the last quest of the Orgrimar chain, a gm just put it in my quest log and I was able to finish it. With an alter char, I was able to get both of the chains without a problem.

After thinking a little bit i asked a friend to get the quests and try to share them to me, he gets the "Rakhu already completed this quest" info, could it be there is a bug in which the quest chain didn't get reseted for this year?

Best Regards,

Rakhu, we have indeed had a few reports of this being the case, although not necessarily for all players.

It’s something our in-game team should be able to assist with, however, so please do open a help ticket and hopefully we’ll be able to resolve things for you. :)
People having issues with quests cutting off, how many of you faction changed and how many of you did this last year? My friend has a theory that since I did mine last year as a troll that it's conflicting with me trying to do them this year as a doggy?
I'm having this issue as is a guildie of mine and yes we did faction change. It's actually an issue of faction changing back to the race we were the last time we did the quests last year(In my case I was Horde last year, changed to Alliance and recently changed back to Horde).

I'm just hoping the issue will be solved before the event ends as I don't want to miss this years pets because of this.
Weird because I was definitely horde last year(after a quick look of my trans page dates) but alli this year while my friend who had faction changed about 5 more times than me (no exaggeration) over the course of this year and even race changed right before this event got it since she's presently horde and was horde last year. Maybe it just effects /some/ people who've faction changed? In any case I'm going back horde whether that'll fix it or not.

EDIT: Finally got a gm who confirms a fix in the works.
Greetings! A fix for the Children's Week quest issue is currently planned for tomorrow morning's maintenance, after which you should be able to accept it. Please check your mail for further information.
Nuru beat me to it, but yes, we can confirm that we are implementing some fixes during tonight's maintenance that should allow you to successfully start and complete the quests.

Again, we're sorry for the inconvenience caused by this bug.
It was defo fix'd. Though I did have to do it over totally - beginning to end. :)

Thank y'all <3
Very nice to point to this post on Twitter ... Too bad I can't finish that today (as I planned to do) because of the login server down ... Any chance of an extra day of Children's Week?
06/05/2011 12:11Posted by Brozarius
Very nice to point to this post on Twitter ... Too bad I can't finish that today (as I planned to do) because of the login server down ... Any chance of an extra day of Children's Week?

same same same
purty please
Yeah... Let ppl complete their achievements granting more days to Children's week, since much time was lost due to login issues.
from twitter: "Children’s Week ends tomorrow. Have you done your part to help those poor orphans?"

is this text there just to make me more upset cos i can't log in and actually finish the children's week achievements on my other character? :S
01/05/2011 03:49Posted by Gwiazdooka
I assaulted the West Frostwolf Tower with my orphan out yet did not receive the achievement credit for it. Am I missing something? Or is the definition of 'assaulting' different than recapping the flag in this instance?

I had the same exact issue on Tuesday evening. But then I thought who cares, I'll try again. I still have four days to take this, and it's just the last part I'm missing. I wasn't lucky, though.

Since Wednesday maintainance, I haven't been able to access any single BG, no matter how long I stood in the queue. I've been queueing for more than 3 hours several times, but couldn't get into a single battle. I've tried both queueing for random BGs and only for Alterac Valley (the only part I'm missing). Nothing at all.

Each time I queued, the Average wait time was set to Unavailable. Please notice that I could enter AV on my lvl 85 Tauren Shaman, although it took a long time before I was able to.

But now comes the worst part. I've been looking for ingame help since Wednesday. I've opened several different tickets, only to get the following answers:

1) Clear your Interface, Cache and WTF folders, run Repair Tools -- done, nothing happened.
2) Uninstall addons -- done as well, nothing happened.
3) Your problem is related to your level bracket (74-79), as there are not many people trying to get into AV -- quite uncorrect, according to the forums (see, and also quite weird considering how many people are striving to get their School of Hard Knocks achievement.
4) Sorry but we couldn't find you online to answer your questions, so just have patience -- wait, I was online!
5) We cannot contact you through the ingame chat, as we're having troubles using the chat system today (this came from 3 different GMs).
6) The bug you are reporting, about you not getting the achievement is something we cannot even verify, as there are no current reports about it -- this was before I read Gwiazdooka's post, otherwise I'd have pointed here.

Now, I am quite disappointed with the customer support I got ingame. All the replies I got were quite generic, and nobody addressed my main point.

I know it's just an achievement. I know it's just a game. But believe me, I am 35 years-old, I have a job and I know how important customer satisfaction is.

If anyone at Blizzard is actually reading this, I would really like to get in contact with someone, and possibly fix the situation. I am not asking for Blizzard to give out achievements for free, of course. I'm just asking for someone to talk to -- and for the chance to try and get this achievement again, before Children's Week ends.

If I had to wait an entire year before having even a remote chance to get this achievement done, I think I would definitely, sadly quit WoW and look for a different gaming experience.

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