can't see target's target-standard blizzard unit frame

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i am using standard blizzard unit frames (i dont have any addons installed) and i can't see my target's target and even when i set a focus target i can't see the focus target's target .. i already sent a ticket to GMs, they told me to delete my WTF, Cache and Interface folders .. i did that and still there is no change, the problem remains .. if anyone has any idea on how to fix this, please reply and help me out .. thank you for your help
I don't think there's an option to turn them off in the default UI so, as far as I know, to get them back try the following.

When you do a full delete/repair/reset you should have in your wow folder:
/data folder
backgrounddownloader application
blizzard updater application
launcher application
repair application
wow application
wowerror application

Nothing else (make sure you clear trash can).

Then, as administrator, run repair and once that's completely finished run, also as administrator, launcher (once any downloading/updating by the launcher is finished then change to your desired graphic/sound settings here).

Click play and go to the wow log in screen (change desired graphic/sound settings here before logging in).

Log in, choose character and go to realm (change to your desired in game settings here).

Once your new, default ui with no addons, settings and layout are done logout and then exit the game (do not close it via task manager or similar as apparently some settings only save on a normal game logout/exit).

Then, as administrator, run launcher again and, once any downloading/updating by the launcher is finished, click play and log in.

Check your game settings for the character and realm previosly chosen.

Once you're happy with the settings go find an attackable mob, target it and set focus on it and go through your attack rotations.

If you're still having problems after all of that please report back.
nice it works now .. thanks for the help :DD
No problem, glad may "post-patch day ritual" worked out for you.

Post some screen shots in once you've finished tweaking the layout.

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