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Welcome to the World of Warcraft Developer Global Q&A. In this thread we'll be collecting questions from you to have answered by our developers. We'll be asking for your question each time a new Q&A Questions thread goes up, having the community vote on them, and posting the answers we receive approximately one week later.

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Can engineer build an aircraft? (BOE)
Like Gnomish bomber or Gnomish Biplane?
Will min-max professions (like jewelcrafter, blacksmith) with they're item type crafting will ever have any market value like alchemy where there is always a current flow of currency due to they're consumable state?.
Are there any plans to improve the default profession window? Maybe make it a bit more like the quest window, with separate areas for both the list of items and the item info?
Will we use Dreamcloth for the Tailoring paterns for the next patch or will there be a new epic cloth item to make gear with?
Any plans on cross matching professions so if you have like herbalism and alchemy you unlock special recipes? But only if you have those two.
And ofc other rewards for other profession pairs.
Will professions like LW and BS (Which don't have cool stuff like Tailors Flying Carpet) ever get something like the Flying Carpet? Not necessarily a mount.
Will the goggles from Engineering get an upgrade, so that they will still be useful in patch 4.2?
A lot of professions can now build mounts! some of them are unique mounts, that only those who has the profession- can learn how to ride on it. [Tailoring, Engineering and even Alchemy!]
Any chance Enchanters going to learn how to make Enchanted Broom mount? [or a new flower pet for Alchemy? etc..]

Also, what is your plan about enchant Neck? correctly the only item that u can't enchant \ add extra gem. Can u make Fishing more attractive by make lvl 525 fishing, the option to enchant neck? [Because it seems now that Fishing is just "Achievement profession", lvling it gives nothing but achi points, total useless]
Just like u made Archaeology more attractive, in last patch.
Do you have plans on making professions more random - Like giving craftable items a stat-range, gems a quality range(like +25 to +35 instead of flat 30) or allowing custom cooking recipes?
Will professions at some point regain the ability to make upgradable items, such as the Weaponsmiths had in the Burning Crusade? It was quite a cool concept, and wouldn't be unfair if all crafting professions would gain at least 1 of those items.
Will Skinning get some love in the near future? So far the buff it grants (Master of Anatomy, aka critical rating bonus) is very low compared to buffs other professions grant*, there is little interaction between it and other professions, and it's the only primary gathering profession that doesn't grant XP when performed.
Companion pets (minipets):

Are there any plans to re-impliment BoP minipets from professions other than secundairy professions, and if so, are you planning on giving each profession a single BoP pet to show uniqueness, or will only a few select professions get them?
Do you have any plans to put some extra usage on some useless raw materials like Dream Emerald? They have nearly same proc rate on prospecting with more useful ones, like Inferno Ruby, and less useful Dream Emeralds make prospecting less attractive. (For example exchanging 10x Dream Emeralds for an Inferno Ruby)
What are the plans regarding professions in patch 4.2? Will there be any major changes, or just minor updates?
Will we ever see a return to cross proffesion Items.. would be nice to see bs's making items to help other crafts, and the same in return

lw= straps
bs=buckles and buttons
jc=decorative broach's
tailor= linings

just think it is silly i can make an item out of a few bars.
Archaeology is purely random and luck that doesn't reward patience and dedication. While some of the changes have helped, it doesn't really deal with the issue that Archaeology is still too random and there's no real sense of progression to get you closer to getting something back from the time spent. Will you do something about this to make it feel like you're getting something useful back, and perhaps remove a little bit of the random part of it so that it's more fun and focused?
When are epic gems coming? Patch 4.2 or later?

Will they use pyrite ore or a new token?
Is it possible/planned to make a few more 'flavor' items for all of the professions? e.g.

  • Stat-less city-guard armor for Blacksmiths

  • Random effect pot for alchemists like noggenfogger that can be thrown on friendly players out-of-combat.

  • etc.

Obviously, the possibilities are not limited to the above, and it would be cool to have it for every profession and linked to a long, time-consuming quest-chain a la the old attunement quest lines or the Tier 0.5 quest line. I.e. something to achieve via solo play and/or small-group play.

Hi, is it possible to see a revamp of the skill ups from 1 to 300 in other professions than inscription. I think it is kind of unfair, since inscriptions is not that hard to skill up in first place. And it is the only profession so far i've seen that gains multiple skill ups in the lower region. Is there a chance of adding some blue items or little bit more worthy greens to the 10-20 bracket (maybe even higher tiers), esp. blacksmithing and Tailoring. In my opinion that would narrow the gap between boa players and those without heirlooms, seeing that the heirloom guys got 2 to 3 times the life of a normal player.

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