How to change a pet?

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i start the game with a pet and i want to change it to a cat
how i discard it and get a new one???
Once ur lvl 10 you learn something that enables you to give orders to your pet.
Once u got this u can Right-Click ur pet's portrait and press Abandon. Ur pet will be lost forever and won't be retrieveable. Then u can Tame another pet to your likings.

Another way is to visit a Stable Master, where you can store your pet. Then you can tame a new pet (a cat for example). You can change your pet at anytime you want at any stable master
thank you!!
Also if you like the cat, later on you can stable pets so you can keep multiple pets at once. You can only have 1 summoned at a time though!
where is the abandom pet?
idont find it
Right click on your pet's portrait, it should say things like name and abandon there.
there is nothing there :/
Hmm, maybe you can visit the hunter trainer and talk to the pet stabler nearby, I think you can stable it there.
If you want to abandon your pet (and never get it back), right click the pet's portrait and click Abandon Pet (This is only available after level 10).
To stable your pet for future use, find a Stable Master and store it there.
Once you get to level 10, you can learn the Tame Pet abiity, which makes you able to tame almost all beast type creatures
What is your current pet?

Since cata was released nearly all the tameable creatures will have some sort of special ability, some buff you, some debuff the mob they are hitting

Cats are great pets, they use a special roar that increases your (and any partys member) strength and agility for a short time

You are better off putting unwanted pets in the stables (visit a stable master, can be found in most towns and all major citys) and experiement with what pets suit you, or what ones you just really like the look of
Where are the pet stablers?
Constanza if you click on the magnifying glass at the left side of the map top right you should get a list of things to tick such as townsfolk and when you click on them another list appears stablemaster, bank, inn just tick them and the horseshoe icon appears on the map for stablemaster they are found in areas of population where an inn is.
Where are the pet stablers?

Just to add up on what Heathlour said.

Here is a list of all the Stable Masters:
Clicking on one of them will take you to a page where you can see the NPC's name (at the top) and an exact location on the map for where the NPC can be found.

Do note that Horde (H) NPCs are hostile to you when you play alliance, and will hence not be of any help to you.
Look for NPCs with 'green' coloured (A) (stands for 'Alliance'), as those NPCs will be friendly to you.

Lastly, note there are several pages of Stable Masters. You can go to the next page by clicking on 'Next' in the right hand corner.
The NPCs are currently sorted by 'location'.

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