The login server is currently busy, please try again...

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Anyone else getting the message, "The login server is currently busy, please try again later"

Is it me or blizzard servers?


11:06 CEST
Apologies for not responding sooner. This is obviously a huge inconvenience for you all, and it's being looked into at the moment. I'll keep you updated via this thread as more information becomes available.

11:33 CEST
We are aware that our login servers are having some problems right now and are working hard on getting them back up so you guys can play again as soon as possible.

We have updated the in-client breaking news and will continue to provide updates on the situation here and on our CS Twitter feeds (

We apologise to all affected by this problem this morning.

11:53 CEST
These issues are also affecting StarCraft II and the Mobile Armory. Our technicians are on-site and working hard.

12:01 CEST
I have copied all blue responses on the situation to Glynny's original post in this thread (thanks Glynny!) for easier visibility and will continue to do so until the issue is resolved and we can close this thread down.

Once again we apologise for interrupting your fun in this manner and thank you all for your patience.

12:27 CEST
Our technicians have now identified the most likely cause of the issue and are now working on fixing it.

12:54 CEST
It appears that the issue is quite severe and it may be several hours before you are able to login to our games again. If this changes, we will inform you immediately, but in the meantime we are very sorry for the inconvenience this is causing our customers.

13:44 CEST
As this thread is getting way too spammy to benefit anybody, we will move all of our updates to our new sticky here:
Yeah. I'm getting it too :(
I'm getting it too.

So the game, and the forum, don't use the same login server?
same same. Global issue is global
i cant get in either :(
Login Server not accepting Logins here in the UK at 09:46 hrs.
Same here
Thanks for the response guys, guess it is just Blizzard. :(
i am having same problem
Same here guys :/ It better be fixed.
Could it have anything to do with the non-critical updates that are being downloaded?
Same same
Disco, disco, disco, disco, game crash, disco.....login server busy.

Wonderful patch morning.

Especially when you add the fact I was in the middle of a timed ZA run into the mix.
Yup, me too.

Screw it, gonna watch that beastly film i downloaded while this gets sorted.
The on-screen message refusing log-in leads to an empty page on the Blizz Website. Comon guys, keep pages up to date please.
cooooome on
As of 10:49 AM the log in servers still are busy.

Should i go out or this will be fixed pretty soon ? : |
Yeah I can't log in either, sort it out please I'd understand if it was a free to play game...
Also, the 'support' page you link us with the error message is blank, but then its always blank, whether you're looking for advice after being hacked or just trying to find out subscription fees, its always blank.

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