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rift ftw imo
im trying to login... message: connecting...
CABAL online
@riversong - i haven't heard anything in regards to prolonged downtime
06/05/2011 11:47Posted by Grôtô
Give Blizzard some time ... Like they said in the very first post , they've found what the most likely cause of the problem is and they are working on it ... Have any of you guys every tried de-codeing over 1 million lines to find one problem ? ...

Why the hell would you say something like that, they give you free candy? jesus.

Anyway I hope that they will fix it soon, can't do more then wait.
I agree on that :) - lets all send a ingame ticket wen we can get in about the problem and getting 1 month free :P

who cares? the issue is found and you demand some technical explaining about the issue?

That would depend on what kind of an issue it was.

If it was a security breach, then yes, I'd damn well want to be informed in detail.

If it was an overheated processor somewhere, then no, that's not relevant to me personally.

cool story bro.
The maya indians where wrong...Its may 6th thats DOOMSDAY!!!!!!!!

Connecting yeah, it will be fixed soon.
Our technicians have now identified the most likely cause of the issue and are now working on fixing it.

so why dont u tell us exactly wot u did .... Cmon now own up.....useless C**t*
Mine just says "Connecting" But does nothing :/
i will do that qyvo :D
I'm in! suck it losers. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
06/05/2011 11:51Posted by Quista
Chill and take a look at real life for a while ... you may be surprised at whats outside your wow world lol

Sounds good to me :)
you burst into dance
it keeps saying connecting...
Imagine if this was a surprise update of wow as a whole. New graphics and new content. Free stuff and stuff to earn.

That would so ruin preparations for my exam on monday.
Now it's freezes in the commected part!!!!
That's a progress i guess.

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